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    As a new nurse, just into my 3rd month, I find myself annoying my co-workers, doctors, patients, and MYSELF, by either doing or NOT doing things that I should. I know I'm new and I have to learn, but I hate the looks and attitudes of annoyance I get from others when I screw up.

    One example of my many missteps- I had a patient today who had a foley placed last night. It was draining brick red urine and the MD was aware. About 5:30 he started moaning and yelling about pain, but whenever I would ask where the pain was, he would just say "everywhere!!" He has a hx of osteoarthritis and was in the hosp for that. Meanwhile, he had bloody urine leaking out from around the foley, saturating his gown (3 changes!) I told the MD and he just said "I know" and carried on.

    I thought maybe it was constipation because he had not pooped in a while, so I gave him an enema, and it relieved him for a while, but come 9 he's screaming and yelling again. I tried pain meds, but it wasn't touching it. More bloody urine on the gowns. I call the hospitalist and she says "not my problem, call urology" I call urology and he yells at me for waiting until 9:45 to call him and what can he do. He sends the surgeon who put the foley in.

    Here's the part that kills me. My charge nurse comes in while I'm waiting for the surgeon, and looks at the cath. She takes a syringe, flushes it, and whoosh, out comes all this urine!! Patient is relieved, surgeon isn't needed (though he shows up anyways, though at least he was nice about it!!) and I'm left looking like an ass because it was something so simple that I didn't even think to do.

    I thank my charge nurse and say that I wish I could absorb knowledge. She gets a bit snotty with me and tells me that I should use all my factualities to figure things out and that I need to watch what I say to doctors. That it wasn't "bloody", it was serosanguineous.

    In a passive aggressive way, she is always alluding to the fact that I'm a moron who doesn't think things through. The thing is, being a new nurse, I don't KNOW what to do in many cases, and I hate always asking because people get annoyed (no matter what they say)

    My main point or question here is -Does anyone know of a website or an app that you can type in a question and find a solution to it?? Like "foley not draining" "IV occluding", etc? Agh, I hate this feeling of useless stupidness!! I forget about 10 things a night, and the night shift always complains and questions why I didn't do things, or I did them the wrong way. BLAH.

    Sorry for the long post!! Thanks in advance! :-/

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    I am a VERY new nurse, but I've already said things I shouldn't have. It's kinda what I do. I say something to the patient, family, doctor, etc that I find out that I should never have said, or have said it in a different way. I'm still figuring it out.

    But about a month ago I had this EVIL, demanding patient who made EVERYONE'S life hell, who wouldn't let us move her the safe way, either by using lifts or team efforts (hurt my shoulders several times moving this dead weight). Just all around unpleasant woman who "fired" almost everyone she came in contact with.

    Well, a patient died in another one of our rooms and this lady got wind of it. When I went in to help her off the commode (for the 5th time that shift) she asked "How old was the lady who died?" and I replied "well, actually it was a man." "Oh, well how old was he?" "He was about your age" LOL The look of horror on her face is something I will remember for a long time.

    I probably shouldn't have said it, but it felt good! Damn, I'm a bad nurse!!

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    I'm having the same problem. I graduated in May, got my license in Aug, have been looking since September. I apply to at least 5 jobs a week, but everyone is looking for experience or a BSN. I also have a NY license that hasn't had any luck either. I am hoping to go back to school (don't want to but looks like I have to!!) to get my BSN in June.

    Anyone with any info or advice or anything would be great!!

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    I'm not sure about the AF but with the STRAP program, there is no deployment while in college. I want Air Force because my grandpa was in the AF and because I've heard much better things about it. Plus other personal reasons.

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    Hi, everyone!! This is my first post here, so please bear with me!!

    A little backround info on me before I get to the main question. I am a new ADN graduate (graduated in May) and have so far been unable to find a job locally. Moving isn't an option, because I have to help take care of my grandparents.

    I also have a BS in Biology, along with a few other associate degrees.

    Now for the last couple years I have wanted to join the Air Force Reserves and learn trauma/field nursing, as well as get a job in a local ER. The army was ready to take me with just an ADN, as long as I got my BSN within a certain amount of time. They had the STRAP program, and as great as it sounded, I REALLY wanted to join the Air Force.

    After much bumping around, I finally managed to talk to an actual medical recruiter, and she said that as long as I have 6 months of nursing experience, I could get in the Air Force as a nurse, provided I get my BSN in a certain amount of time.

    Wanting to get started as soon as possible on getting my BSN, I met with the ADN-BSN advisor at my school, and since I have all the pre-reqs, except Abnormal Psych which I will take over winter break, I can get into the June 2010 class!!

    So while I have the process for earning my BSN started, I still have not yet found a job, despite applying to several hospitals several times a week. They are looking for experience and/or a BSN.

    So without a job for at least 4 months, I can't get into the Air Force unless I have my BSN. And here's the kicker and why I need help and info from all of you wonderful people.

    My recruiter said that the Air Force does not have anything like the STRAP program, and cannot help me pay for college. Without their help, I can't afford to go. Even if I found a job next week, I still wouldn't be really in the air force for 6 months, putting me right at June.

    I have been in college for many years and have debt up to my eyeballs. I can't afford to get anymore, even if they would give it to me, which is doubtful.

    Does anyone have any info or advice for me?? I'm getting older, broker, and more dispondent by the day!!