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    Just I thought I'd share my experience with you guys and anyone who might be or is interested.

    I am currently a LVN student and have about 2 months left until I finish the program. I attended a job workshop at Soledad Prison around May and turned in my application packet at the beginning of June. About 2 weeks ago I received a call back to schedule a physical test (which is tomorrow) over in Fresno, CA. It consists of about 4-5 tests, which I wish I had a bit more time to prepare since I haven't been fit since the LVN program started 8 months ago.

    If I pass (and I really hope so!), I will update if you guys want to know. Or just message me if anyone is interested.


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    Oh, that's great! I love the format of the book and their rationales. After reading some of the questions it seems like it is the basic fundamentals we need to know anyways. Thanks for your input. I'm going to crack open that CD and give it a spin.


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    I was at Borders for an hour yesterday, searching for a NCLEX review that I liked the most and found out it is the April 2007 edition:

    Is it important to review with the most current edition?

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    i'm from santa cruz, and i am currently on the wait list at cabrillo college. they accept 60 students per year and i'm number 245. i think the wait is up to 800 students now. they have several nursing schools in san jose both community and ucs. that might be a better route.

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    I took anatomy, microbiology and physiology at a local college and I found flash cards and diagrams were most helpful for me (since I am a very visual person).

    What helped me most was to have several copies of plain diagrams of the muscles or bones, and just fill them in. Drawing it myself helped a lot too, but took a lot of time.

    As far as the physiology part, I wrote lots of notes. I sectioned off each organ and wrote it's functions.

    Most importantly, time is the key. Make lots of time to study the material and you will do fine.

    Good luck!