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    Have you considered just going to nursing school in California? Yes, you would be "starting over" as most your credits will not transfer, but think of it in terms of the money you will NOT have to spend moving back to Florida. Also, consider that repeating content with which you are already familiar will, in itself, give you some relief. Couple that with reasonable accommodations and you may find that success awaits. The only thing standing in your way may be you. I do wish you much success. My journey to becoming a nurse was convoluted and drawn out. I have ADHD but never requested accommodations, not because I'm stoic or anything, but because I didn't ever even think to ask about them.

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    What "else" would I have done?

    The only thing I would have done is answer the question.

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    I am in a union hospital and I am on a negotiating team. I cannot, however, answer your specific question. This issue of BSN premiums is not a battle we have chosen to pursue.

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    I interviewed this morning for a vacancy in the ER at the Army hospital at my husband's present duty station. I think it went well. Now, I wait...and wait...and wait some more.

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    Quote from Guy in Babyland

    3. Pyxis requires a dual login to pull a narcotic. If it was accessed on another floor, then the other nurse would question why you are pulling a narcotic on their unit. If the pyxis is on your unit, if you were still logged in, the nurse behind you could enter their login as the dual login and retrieve the med. That person would needed to be looked into.


    The Pyxis where I work only requires a 2nd user verification if a narcotic is being wasted.

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    Quote from jk2185
    ...or maybe change it.

    "Treat the monitor AND the patient" is what I was taught. I recently had an 86 year old female with a heart rate of 32. She was sent over from her PCP's office. Her only complaint was "I just feel really tired."

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    Quote from Pixie.RN
    Sheez... management!

    I side with the ENA, who supports a position that a charge nurse and triage nurse should not be counted in staffing. In a perfect world!
    THIS! Most nights in the ER where I work, the Charge Nurse doubles as the triage nurse after 0100 or 0300 depending on when the last mid-shifter leaves. That leaves two RNs to work the floor. We are a small ER, but we aren't THAT small. We waste a lot of anxiety worrying about what we will do if SHTF.

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    The highest I've seen was 9.2 and it happened last night; confirmed via ABG with lytes, which resulted at 9.1. Pt presented to triage with profound muscle weakness and a HR of 32; ended up having a trialysis cath inserted and was being admitted to ICU for emergent dialysis as I was leaving this AM.

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    Yes but with bedside nursing, these troublesome and entitled patients and families "💩 Where they eat," so to speak. It's so dang disheartening to be bending over backwards attending to someone's personal care needs (eg "wiping a💲💲" and acting as a personal valet/ladies maid) while that person in perpetually dissatisfied and disagreeable. As a case manager, I'd wear "civilian clothes" every day and if a pt asked me for a bed pan or an extra pillow, I fully admit, I'd respond with, "I'll tell your primary nurse." I didn't feel this way when I was a new nurse, but I sure as heck do now.

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    Quote from xoemmylouox
    I would call CPS at that point. An untreated UTI can get serious.
    This!!! From UTI to pyelo to full-blown urosepsis...

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    Quote from ED Nurse, BSN RN
    The only ethical dilemma here is you forcing a pt onto a litter for transfer- you do know that you laying hands on a pt forcing them to do something, while aaox4, is assault. ?
    Actually, laying hands on an A&Ox4 pt against his/her will is battery. Simply making a threat to do so is assault.

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    I was in very similar circumstances...VERY similar...about 4 years ago. Don't have time to go into it right now and don't want to go into in an open forum, but if you want, I can make contact via PM at a future time.

    I will tell you this: I resigned and it wasn't a problem for me. In fact, I was rehired by the same healthcare corporation (in a different state) last year. My resignation was tendered in 2011.

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    This was a violation of her civil and constitutional rights. She was falsely imprisoned without due process.

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    I am an ER nurse. When I give report, I systematically use SBAR. When I am finished, I always ask, "What else would you like to know?" What irritates the crap out of me is to be interrupted with questions about "skin issues" and code status when I haven't even gotten beyond, "This is an 89 yr old female who came in via EMS tonight from ABC LTC facility with c/c of fever." I have adopted a little scripted answer to those who interrupt me that goes something like this: I ask that you please hold all comments, questions, and applause until the end of the performance. If you insist on interrupting again, I will answer only the questions you specifically ask of me and will divulge no further information or data. Shall we do this my way or yours?"

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    I am witnessing a substantial incidence of deficient reading comprehension throughout this thread. Given the OP's need to issue multiple clarifications about the subject of "guessing" and other misunderstood points of order, maybe expecting others to READ a chart is much too tall of a order.