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    Quote from CoachDiva23
    I was lucky to get a scholarship to help pay for LIU because tuition is crazy!
    please share how you obtained a scholarship?

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    Quote from kirish34
    wcu has a wonderful program.. the faculty is great.. feel free to pm me if you have any questiosn

    How was the program? Did you stay on campus? What was your accumulative gpa and science gpa? My science gpa is a 3.4 and my accumulative gpa is a 2.65(:spin: yeah i know)............just trying to figure out my chances of being accepted

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    hey howardrn,i am in the process of a little worried because i graduated with a 2.7 but my science gpa is 3.2. I ll have my application out by the end of the week. Did you write an essay? Did you have any volunteer experience?

    I'm just worried its not enough to get in? Any words of advice will be great!!!!!

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    Quote from SMC6787
    wow i would have definitely applied to Oklahoma city university, but it's way too far for me. does anyone know any other programs out there like that that are less competitive to get into? preferably near new york?

    what are the deadlines for applications?

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    Any news on howards 2nd degree program, i have to say i am desperate and being that i am a HU Alumni............lets just say i am looking into all my options.

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    trying to apply for the summer 2010 they require a certain GPA for entry in the program?