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    Hey MissPamela, How did your interview go??

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    Congrats! I know they were looking for a lot. Did they happen to say which OR?
    I was hired as a GN, but I worked there as an SPN, and at the time they only hired on the ones that worked as SPN's except those who wanted to go to the OR. Word is they will be posting more GN positions later on, but I wouldn't wait around for that because it is all hearsay. I don't trust anything I hear unless I see it in writing!
    Methodist is a great hospital with an amazing reputation. Look at their website and try to find some information about the various ORs so you will be able to ask questions. They are all good, but it depends on what you are looking for.

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    I work at Methodist as a new nurse, and I know their ORs are constantly hiring, so if they call then definitely jump on it!
    Good luck and don't give up!

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    The A&P, Micro, and Growth and Development must be completed before you are admitted. The unique thing about HBU is that you don't have to complete all your graduation requirements before you are admitted (IE: History, Philosophy, Christianity, Kinesiology). However, the website is misleading, and you WILL NOT have time to finish these classes once in the program. It is best to get them done before you start.
    I currently attend HBU and am in the program, and I would not recommend it. The administration is terrible, and the dean is not a very pleasant person. She does not care about the students, and has a closed door policy. Some of the teachers are great, but their hands are tied by the administration. If I could do it all over again, I would not go to HBU for nursing school. It is way to expensive to get such a bad experience. Fortunately I am about to be done, and I can definitely say I won't miss it!

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    I currently attend HBU and see both Earthcrosser and Rootiepooh's points. I began the program under a different dean, and it really wasn't that bad. We had amazing professors who really cared for the student's success. Over the past 6-7 months we have lost 6-7 of our BEST teachers and both deans, including the Peds, OB, and ICU teachers. Thus, there is alot of turmoil within the College of Nursing, and politics are playing a huge part. The new interim dean is really not up to par (granted she's brand new), and we are seriously lacking professors. Despite this, they are still admitting classes year round with 50 people each.
    Class load is really heavy! You do tons of paperwork and projects that are totally irrelevant, which is kind of irritating. But on the flip side, you have some really great opportunities to see and do neat things.
    The application process has changed. They are now making applicants complete a HESI and a separate nursing application. I am not sure about the interview though.
    Rootiepooh is correct, retention is dismal. We started with 45-50 and are down to 14 +some random people, plus we still have 9 months to go. Many people who left didn't fail, but were ran out. Some of the professors are so rude and demeaning to the students it is unreal! I personally haven't had it happen to me, but I have seen it happen to other students. I think it reflects poorly on the school when you have professors berating students on the floor in front of their classmates and hospital staff. Even the staff has made comments about how unprofessional some instructors are.
    Earthcrosser is also correct about HBU's reputation of producing great nurses, but I am not sure how that is going to hold up much longer given recent events.
    It is very expensive! (20K a year roughly). Even if you have scholarships, there is the stipulation that you have to be full time. This doesn't seem like a problem, but the nursing classes often add up to 10hours or so, and with odd scheduling there is no room to add an extra class to get you full time. Sometimes they will add a 1 or 2 hour clinical prep class to accommodate this, but not always. Also the added bonus is that at HBU they let you in your sophomore year, telling you that you will have time to take the rest of your classes throughout the program. This is what drew me to HBU over UT or TWU. NOT TRUE! There is no time to take other classes, and in the end the administration will hold your graduation back a semester or 2 until you complete those courses, so its not that great of a deal to be able to get in a little bit early.
    Overall, I would not recommend HBU at this time. Save your time and money and go somewhere else. Maybe in the future they will get it together, but right now it is a total nightmare. I wish I was able to hear all this before I made my decision because if I had to the chance to do it all over again I would not go to HBU.