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  • Nov 12 '09

    Hi all!

    The NET test isn't that bad, you can actually get a review book that is more like a refresher for the math basically. It goes over the math required or that will be tested on...I finished it with tons of time to spare...although I would recommend getting the review book, there was a lot of stuff that I couldn't remember how to do (7th grade math, all the fraction to decimals and back: just stuff you really don't use all that often).

    I think that it being in it's location makes it more of an ease to get in. For the BAC/BSN this is the first year they actually had a wait list, but come time to start they were short a few people. So the class wasn't full. I found it the easiest school to get accepted into...I also applied at Loyola and UIC but was accepted to Lewis first and dropped the others.

    Regular BSN takes 2 years, no classes during summer, the accelerated takes 18 months straight.
    Regular BSN your daytime week is pretty much shot, between classes and clinicals you have a full load mon-fri.
    BAC/BSN the accelerated program: you have classes 2-3 times a week in the evening, then clinicals on sat and/or sun...your classes are 8 weeks long instead of 16 weeks.

    any other questions I can help with?