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    Hello Molly:
    I am a recent graduate nurse and I'm interested in the GN program at FH, many of my classmates got hired by FH Alt, I did not know that the jobs were not posted and they went directly to HR to apply so I came late and the positions were filled up. I have been looking for another jobs but I really would like to work for FH, and I'm interested in pediatrics, but I'm willing to take a med-surg position if peds is not available for nurses with AS degree. I heard that another GN program is to start again in Feb. 2010, is that true? If so, when is the time to apply? Do I have to apply online or do I have to go to HR? Please guide me, I'm willing to wait a couple of months if I've the chance to apply for FH but I do not want to waste my time waiting for a position that won't be available.