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    Hhahahahahaha!!! Only at Everest.
    Considering I was on 3 waitlists at 3 different LPN programs, and at the end I WILL have my license (in 11 months)--- yes, it's definitely worth it. The nursing job market is going to get more and more competitive, so I think the sooner we get things moving, the better!! I want to do an LPN-RN bridge program ASAP as well.

    Haha, yes it's worth it. Expect to be frustrated, expect to teach yourself a lot of the material in your first semester (especially because there is SO MUCH to learn in such little time). I expected something completely different which may be why I had a hard time... but lately I'm LOVING it!

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    You will find that any nursing program is pretty unorganized. Unfortunately, things don't really change for a while. When you first start, everything is whacky because you have so many classes all at once. Last "semester" (or Level) we had A&P, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Geriatrics, Nutrition. THIS semester (or level) we ONLY have Med-Surg. Each level is difficult for it's own reasons.

    As organization goes, it's getting better as we go through the program.. but I was VERY frustrated in the beginning. Granted, they are a fairly newer program-- but the school's NCLEX pass rate (for the first time) is 92% (It WAS 94% before this crazy class came through here).

    Hope this helps!

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    You start clinicals on the 3rd week of class. The first level clinicals are Nursing 101-- basic patient care. I was at Botsford Commons, other groups were at AmeriCare, Lutheran Home, and Tender Care. (It is all LTC Facilities.. geriatrics). There is some wound care, documentation, etc as well.. I did a bolus tube feeding and flush.. but mostly CNA work.

    I just started level 2 clinicals this past week, and haven't been on the floor yet but am very excited about all the experience I will get! My group is at Triumph Hospital, and although It's not the NICEST place, we see a WHOLE LOT. Other groups are also at Triumph, one group is at Detroit Receiving.

    Any other questions, feel free to ask! Good luck!

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    I am attending Everest in Southfield currently, and although the beginning was very frustrating and unorganized.. I must say I AM learning a lot. Level I (they have 3 levels) is by far the hardest because you have so many classes at once. It may be more difficult if you have been out of school for years as well.

    The instructors have a deep passion for nursing, and have a TON of experience in their field. I have heard that you now NEED medical experience to get in, although I did not.

    For my class, we just started Sept. 8, 2009--- there were around 300 applicants and 40 of us got in. Right now there are 37 in our class because a couple dropped out for personal reasons. I had one tiny grant for $1500, the rest were covered in (INSANELY HIGH INTEREST) loans. The money part is the worst part, it's VERY expensive, and after interest, the program is costing me about $40-50k.

    Let me know if you'd like to know anything else! Good luck!

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    I have heard from many of my instructors that Davenport's NCLEX passing rate is 25% and they are in the process of losing their accreditation. Something to look into... make sure you ask about their NCLEX pass rate, if you don't pass, your diploma and tuition were worthless.

    I go to Everest in Southfield, and although they have a bad reputation sometimes and are pretty expensive.. we have a 94.4% pass rate the FIRST time. That's the main reason I chose to come here. Good luck!