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    Quote from Proverbs 16:3
    Anyone know how long it takes to get hear back after the phone interview? My phone interview lasted 3:28 minutes. I'm so glad I disabled my phone from blocking blocked and private numbers (Thank God!). it was just a simple confirmation of where i currently work, why i'm looking to leave my current position? etc etc These are all questions others have stated on allnurses if you do your research. Listed my first choice along with others and explained why and she told me they have a position for my first choice so... + next steps in the process.

    I researched lots of threads here and I had a list of possible questions (based on questions posted here on allnurses) they would ask and funny thing is they asked me the the very same questions i'd seen here on allnurses. I'm so glad I'd prepared for them.

    To all who took time to share your experience, thank you. It really helped and it's inspired me to share mine.
    applied last week, emailed me test on thursday, took it saturday as i only had 48hrs, email monday asking me to choose time slot. chose the first available one which was today.
    Best wishes to all.
    Hi, just curious, are you coming in as a new grad? Thanks and good luck!

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    Any word back?

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    I just got the email to take the NYP career battery test. Suggestions aside from what has already been said?

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    Hi, I saw your old post on and was wondering if you were still at U of C. I'm finishing my BSN in May and relocating to Chicago. U of C is my top choice where I want to target jobs and I was wondering how your experience has been. Thanks! Dianne

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    Seems like all the new ETPers are from California...any East Coasters? I'm in for actue care and going to the visit on Friday...can't wait!

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    I'm in for acute care. Starting to picture myself in NYC

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    Hi, vball. Yes, applying for summer 2011 admission. I'm about to go on travel for work where I won't have an Internet connection for two weeks. I think this will actually be helpful so that I'm not checking the portal every day I'll be anxious to get home and hear some good news (fingers crossed!).

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    I imagined the admissions committee meeting this past week and next...can't wait to hear news! Good luck everyone!

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    Hi, C-

    Mine says submitted and the date but then you scroll down and it lists the various parts of the application (recommendations, transcripts, GRE scores). My transcripts and GRE scores are marked as not received and while I'm not going to worry yet because Jose said he'd email us if he was missing something, its just a wee bit concerning as I shipped those docs in September I'll give it a week or two and see if my status changes--here's hoping!

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    Just wondering if everyone else saw their status online and was surprised to see "incomplete" eventhough everything has been submitted. Anyone else in the same boat? I have email confirmation that my materials were previously received so am wondering if they just need time to match-up our surface mail materials with the online materials. Thoughts? Thanks!

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    Quote from A1551
    Hi Hopkins -- Just curious as a current student what changes they made to the scholarships and/or financial aid. For us (current ETP) we all (well 95%+ of us) got 22,000 scholarship for undergrad and another 11,000 for masters portion.

    As to research -- I believe they are moving the research courses entirely to the masters program. I'm in total agreement with that change after just experiencing the undergraduate one. We really had too much going on this semester to get value out of the research course, it was interesting to be exposed to it in a formal manner but given the massive amount of other material we're subjected to it just gets a very low priority from us as students. As to exposure, I'm surprised they'd say that -- I can't think of a single class in which we aren't exposed to research in some manner. We have guest speakers that present research in many classes. I cannot open my Columbia email account without having to wade through invitations to extracurricular research presentations and opportunities, either.

    My guess is they're just referring to moving the research courses to the masters portions but I could be wrong, who knows what they're planning for the future. Did they give any more details? Now I'm curious!

    Hi, A-

    So, from a very dense financial aid .ppt, they are basically shifting the scholarship to "need based" as reflected by your expected family contribution. From my reading of older posts related to Columbia, it seems like they used to give almost everyone a 33K scholarship broken into 2/3 for the first year and then 1/3 the second year. For at least 2011, the scholarship is at most 20-23K the first year for those with the lowest or no expected family contribution and you re-apply for the second year. Again, this is only for the Columbia scholarship and obviously other sources of funding are available (generally loans but also other grants and scholarships). For those of us who are working, our income increases the expected family contribution so we'll see less of this scholarship money the first year--no matter that our income stops after enrollment. Obviously, since you can't work that first year, your second year you will probably have a "zero" expected family contribution so you'll get closer to the full scholarship amount. So, some will fare better with these changes and others worse. It totally depends on your situation and, as the PD said, you end-up with a mortgage but no house

    As to exposure to research, the prospective student had asked if students were able to participate in faculty research. With a 12-month program there clearly isn't time, but the PD said they don't encourage research at even the master's level--"its more of a doctoral thing". For me, the ability to participate in research is important, but I understand it might not be for others, so, again, it totally depends on your situation.

    There were other aspects of the program the PD said were changing but weren't made public yet. Not sure what these changes are, if they are big or small, or when they will be announced, so will just wait to hear!

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    Hi, Cartwheel-

    I expect the high cost from Columbia and have no problem with it, but these days, you can't say the extra money gets you a first pass on the NCLEX--it has to be something more in my book.

    Another prospective student asked about the quality of the faculty saying that, after looking at their profiles, almost all of them had gone to standard 2-4 year nursing programs instead of the big name schools like Columbia, Penn, Hopkins, UCSF. The Program Director sort of brushed-off the prospective student's concern saying faculty were top notch, but "not very diverse". Additionally, the PD said she tried to have a class of 140-160 but sometimes she has classes as high as 180 up to 200! While they bring in a slighty larger class to off-set inevitable attrition, this is a serious red flag to me because a PD should be able to help control the size of the class. The class is broken down into mini-cohorts and we were quoted the following: 32-35 per mini-cohort rotating on clinicals, 4:1 student to faculty ratio in labs and 8:1 when you're on a floor. Also, your clinicals are ANYWHERE in the city: as long as its accessible by transit, you're going there no matter if its Queens, Brooklyn, etc.

    I understand there is a new dean so I am hopeful that things can get tightened-up, but understand that might take some time and, obviously, not everything is up to the PD. A huge positive for the program (in my book) that I learned yesterday is that they give you 800 hours of clinical whereas other schools might only give you 600. Really great when hospital programs are cutting training for new nurses or are reluctant to hire those with less clinical exposure. Also, the BSN can be completed in 12 months but to do so, you have to give-up everything--literally, the PD said don't plan to get married, have a baby, get seriously ill or have your parents get seriously ill because you only get something like 4 weeks off the entire year.

    Needless to say I was feeling a bit deflated on the train ride home last night. I'm still interested in Columbia, but yesterday was just not what I expected.

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    Was anyone else at the open house yesterday? Really surprised about some of the information we were presented with: financial aid/scholarship changes, no exposure or even encouragement to participate in faculty research.

    I felt badly that the financial aid woman ended-up defending the program when a prospective student asked her some pointed questions, specifically, how does Columbia defend the price tag. She had two responses: 1, 91-95% of Columbia students who pay 100K for the BSN will pass the NCLEX on the first try whereas students who go to less expensive schools might have to take the test twice; 2, a Columbia nurse was the first to discover that using Purell between patients cut infection rates. I've had significant exposure to the health field and have done a lot of researching on programs so these two responses seemed weak.

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    Hey, anyone going to the open house on November 5? For those of you who have gone to the open house, what can I expect? Thanks!

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    Thanks, everyone! I emailed Filomena about that midterm grade report last week and she said either Friday (last Friday) or this Monday. With it being Tuesday, I was getting nervous, but I guess good to know it is out of our hands. Hopefully Penn will be up and running soon so all those emails can go out. I agree with arcr, if anyone gets an email about interviews, please post.