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    Marwa T.

    Hopkins is very good at self advertisement. That is not to say my classmates did not love the program - many did. But even they tended to whine alot to get what they wanted out of it. As a minority male, I admit some bias, but a good number of people from my graduating class share my perspective.

    The program does not justify its costs- that's my primary point. I could have had an education of equal, if not better, value elsewhere for a 1/4 of the price. At the end of the day it comes down to what you value the most. Hopkins has alot of resources that many other places don't, but at the end of the day you'll come out on a level playing field.

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    Quote from marisa2011
    Hi All-
    I too just received the NEW pop up message. I'm just concerned with the accuracy of this new message. Does anyone know if people are still being brought to the cc page (if they didn't pass) since activation of this new message-or are we all getting this message that claims we have passed?? Help ease my anxiety!! Thanks xoxo
    I took the NCLEX-RN on 9/30 and got the NEW message. My License is active as of today, so the message is accurate. From what I've read, if you fail, it will continue to take you to the cc page. Congratulations! You are a RN. Don't unnecessarily purchase the quick results.

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    I graduated from JHUSON ABSN program, and I wouldn't recommend it. I'd say go there ONLY if it's the only program that accepts you or if you have no time to apply to other programs. No matter how wonderful an experience it promises, you'll come out looking at a mountain of debt that was entirely avoidable. I am in the unfortunate position of having a large debt and hating my time there; on so many levels I regret that I didn't apply to other places. My only consolation is that I have a nursing degree, which feels almost invaluable given how competitive it is to get into nursing schools and the nursing profession these days.

    I primarily don't recommend Hopkins because they don't really care much for their BSN programs. Their reputation, prestige and emphasis is on their Master's Degree, which attracts a better and more motivated staff than the BSN professors (the majority of which I found to be uninspiring and unsupportive, esp. if you are a minority.) They frequently adopt an you-should-feel-lucky-to-be-at-hopkins attitude, which will only frustrate and annoy you the closer you are to graduation. Adding salt to those wounds, is that Baltimore is not the best city and it's reputation for drugs and violence is close to accurate, even if a little exaggerated.

    I also didnt like the cutthroat, ultracompetitive nature of the student body. Hopkins attracts a certain kind of student, many of whom come from prestige either through previous education or personal wealth. Neurotic and self aggrandizing types were pretty common.

    If you are going to invest that kind of money, look into Duke which has a far more amicable staff, facilities of equal excellence and a cheaper cost of living in a much better and more student/college oriented area.

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    Quote from sugarlips
    My roommate (ED - BSN) received the dreaded letter today. I (RD - ABSN) didn't get anything. Good? Bad? Who knows?
    If you're RD, you won't hear back til around the middle of Jan, Feb or early march.

    Certainly not to rub salt in any wounds, how did they phrase things in "the dreaded letter"?

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    Quote from natalie5785
    Ugh...I'm in Northern Virginia and still haven't heard anything. Now, I mostly hope I get in so I can beg the admissions office to do a better job of letting people know next year!!! Presuming they are still going to be calling people tomorrow and Tuesday, I think it's incredibly messed up to spread the announcements across a weekend. It has been BRUTAL knowing that my rejection/acceptance decision is already made and some people already know!!! It's just cruel.

    UGH. That being said, if I had gotten a letter/call already I might be singing a different tune. Congrats to all those accepted and chin up to those of us still waiting.
    I know I have the benefit of being free from the near paralytic anxiety alot of you are experiencing, but, and I'm not preaching here, it's important at this point to surrender to the opinion that they have reasons for informing acceptees as they have been. It's almost over (the wait, not your life) and you have made it through the weekend. If nothing else, a late notice will make it that more rewarding as you fall to your knees from exhaustion and excitement. This is equally exciting for them rather than being some form of calculated sadism.

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    Quote from JohnsHopkinswoohoo

    I am also curious about the number of male applicants awarded acceptance.
    It varies between 7-12%,; it's most often 10%.

    We can reasonably expect 15 per cohort.

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    Quote from rockkstarr
    Thanks, Poet. I hope you're right! I'd be happy to be in a class with you and the other acceptees from this board!

    Did you mean you applied October 26? I did the same as you... this is the only program I want, so the only one I applied to. If I don't get in, I'll figure it out from there
    No, I meant 11/26- I just got it like that! haha. I kid, yes, I meant 10/26...sorry.

    NYU was my backup senario.

    I'm now wondering how many other male acceptees there were.

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    First, I think you're in...

    From the little I remember, it wasn't specificied how many acceptances were already made. She called then said she wanted to be one of the first to congratulate me on being accepted to both portions (she interviewed me) and explained that acceptance materials would be in the mail. She was also providing instructions on how to proceed (at which point I feel into a trance and was unable to pay attention). Responding to something I said, she did mention I have "every reason to be proud" because they had an excellent applicant pool and, i think, a larger volume of applications than anticipated or in previous years (this last point I don't clearly remember)

    I mailed my application on 11/26 and I believe that it was receieved the 28th or 29th. I lucked out because this is the only program to which I applied, so I took the proverbial eggs in one basket strategy.

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    Quote from hmbarnes1981
    I got my rejection letter today ~ I had applied to bsn traditional and accelerated. Good luck to all of you still waiting to hear!
    I'm genuinely sorry to hear that. You may want to consider petitioning the decision.

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    I got my acceptance call today! :spin:. I think they only call BSN/MSN applicants and not BSN only applicants. Sso I'm in

    ABSN/MSN: Health Systems Management.

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    Quote from signedsincerely
    congrats guys thats awesome!!!

    does anyone know if they are making more calls another day or if everyone who was accepted already got a call?
    Based on trends from previous years (posts on this forum), I strongly believe they'll be making calls through tuesday.

    I have a hunch we'll all be attending.

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    I just got my call! I'm in for the ABSN/MSN Health Systems Management!

    I couldn't even listen to her properly, I was so excited. I'll have to write and apologize!

    Good luck everyone!

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    Coping :- prepare for the decision to go either way, and keep it together if you're rejected. Should the latter occur, allow yourself the necessary time to grieve then move on (if not of your own accord, then by surrendering to the inevitable and constant movement of life).

    For the moment, let us take heart in our courage to even apply. We were willing to be vulnerable and many fear tripping over this hurdle. A small consolation it may be, but you is what it is.

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    Quote from nurs_I_want_to_be
    I actually emailed a staff in the JHU SON and asked if they will be calling successful applicants about their application, and she said they did last year, but because they got so much applications this year compared than last year, she's not sure if they will be making these calls. So if you don't get a call from the SON, that doesn't really mean anything.

    Good luck to all us.
    Theoretically, this shouldn't affect the ability to call...unless they want to use that time to review applications. It's not a big deal or anything, and I'm certainly not preaching how they should notify students (particuarly as my future is at their mercy), but more applications just means more rejections. The class size/the number of students who enroll from those accepted should be statistically similar to previous years. Only the admission percentage and selectively rating/reputation would change (as if it isn't hard enough to get in). =D.

    Eliminating calls is probably best. I can do w/o, but only because i like the status quo of admission notification.

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    The earliest admissions notices go out arond DEC 9th or so, based on forum posts of admission from 2008.