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    Hi. I have done a search on the entrance HESI on these boards and read everything I could ...

    But I really didn't find what I was looking for. I'm wondering how in-depth the HESI (entrance) gets on anatomy in the A&P section. Does it discuss systems in general, or would it ask something as specific as what structure on a particular bone serves as an attachment point for a particular muscle? Do they ask about particular arteries and veins, or particular nerves?

    I am taking physiology (not a combined A&P course) class right now and doing really well in it, so I'm not worried about physio ... but I haven't taken anatomy for 15 years. I know the systems generally ... but if I need to do a deep review of anatomy I want to get started.

    Thanks for your input. I am getting the HESI manual next week, but I read on the other threads that the A&P section is not very well represented in it ...

    Here's what I DID glean from the previous posts:

    "major muscle groups, hormones, basic anatomy of the heart, and the integumentary system"

    "The heart (basics)
    What the systems in the body do
    Basics of bones and joints
    Basics of muscles
    Planes and Cavities
    Endocrine system"

    "Know anatomical positions(distal,transverse etc..) ... blood path thru heart"

    But again, just wondering if the questions reminded you of the level of specificity on one of your anatomy class tests ...

    LAST but not least, a few people mentioned using a Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams book that was better than the HESI study guide. Did those questions pretty accurately reflect the A&P section?

    Thanks, and sorry because I know it probably feels like this has been covered before.

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