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    Resident with dx of dementia Alzheimer's type was readmitted to our facility on 2/29/16 with a new order to be admitted to hospice, so I opened A significant change assessment with ARD 03/06/16.
    my questions are:

    1. is ARD date correct or its too early
    2. How to code for delirium section C1300 A,B,C,D, and C1600.Resident is nonverbal.
    3. Although resident is unable to communicate or follow MDSC for testing vision, however the resident's eye movements seem to follow movement of people and objects so I coded 3(highly impaired) for B 1000. Do we need to care plan for vision ? if yes, how do we justify it under Care Plan Consideration?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Hi everyone
    I'm trying to understand
    1/why the pressure in the valve leaftes needs to be higher than the pressure in the left ventricule in order to open the valve.
    2/why when there is occlusions in arteries often pt have them in other vessels