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    My GPA was positively rotten when I started going back to school. I got in to FSCJ's program with a 2.35. Their entrance is based upon a point scale that includes the NAT exam and the prerequisite grades rather than your overal GPA.

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    I don't know how much more you would get paid for LPN experience but starting salary at the different hospitals ranges from $19 to $25 per hour. Baptist pays the least and Shands pays the most.

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    Quote from lteverly
    Good morning!

    I'm new on here so first off Hello to everyone! I am a Navy wife who is trying to find her place in this crazy world and it looks like Nursing is my calling. I already have a B.A. in Social Science where I studied Sociology, Psychology, and Organizational Management. Apparently that isn't good enough and instead of getting my Masters in Counseling I've decided Nursing was a better route and much more military friendly.

    I need to take a few prerequisites first like Micro, A&P I and II, & Chem (prereq for Micro). I was thinking about taking them at FSCJ. At first I was looking at just apply to the Nursing program at FSCJ, but then I read where I have to have at least one year professional experience at a RN before I can apply to the BSN program. Is this right?
    I was also looking into the UNF Accelerated program, but I wasn't sure if my prerequisites will be accepted. It looks like the accelerated program is the fastest route, but with two kids and a husband going on deployment I'm also looking out for my sanity!
    I thought if I did the ADN program at FSCJ I could at least get a job before he leaves and then go back later for my BSN, but then I don't want to have wasted all that time and could've just gotten my BSN. Sorry if I sound confused, but I am and I just want to make sure I take the right route.
    The BSN program at FSCJ is for people who are already RNs. I'm graduating from the ADN program tomorrow. UNF is notoriously difficult to get into. I'd say call the advising offices of both programs for more info. There is also JU which is much more expensive but they do offer a large financial aid package, or so I hear.

    My personal plan of attack was to get my ADN at FSCJ and then get my BSN online at UCF, UWF, or USF.

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    As far as I know, they don't tell us our score. You can try to calculate it yourself using the info in the welcome packet, but I know in the past, people who ask get a raised eyebrow and are told, "You got in. It doesn't matter what your score was now."

    And your nights and weekends classes will stay nights and weekends all 4 semesters unless there's a major problem. They just don't take any first semester students nights and weekends on that rotating schedule.

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    If the lab isn't showing up on your transcript, that might be a problem in the long run. They told us at orientation that if you didn't have 4 credits worth of BSC2085 or whatever that you'd have to take another class to make up the difference before you could graduate or take the NCLEX. I'd talk to the records office or an advisor to see about fixing that.

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    At our orientation, they did mention something about the way they calculated classes taken at other schools, but I don't know how it would apply to your situation. I'd call the nursing office or send an email - the email is on the program website.

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    Quote from brneyzs
    Hello all, This is my first post. I finally got accepted after my 4th try with 194 pts. I received a call on tuesday evening and was asked to come to orientation on Wednesday for the morning classes. Would i accept? heck ya! I dont know if i should be excited or sad. I really want this but i workfull time in the mornings and quiting right now is not an option. My first choice was evening/weekend and when i talked to her today no evening seats . Does anyone want to switch? If not I will have to sit out until August, If i get accepted.
    Oh, gosh, its great that you got tapped. I hope you can find someone to switch with you.

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    I was hoping to get both the hard copies and the ebooks to help with writing papers, but if its that crappy, I'll stick with the old fashioned books. I have a hard time learning from ebooks anyway. I'm going to get the rest of the books - except for rn notes - on Amazon. They're a lot cheaper, even for new.

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    I was super frustrated with the people who obviously hadn't done any research about the nursing program. It seemed like some people hadn't even read the application packet! It tells you right there how much to expect to pay for your books. And honestly, expecting a business to be so kind as to print up all the information so you can take your money elsewhere, interrupting the speakers with questions, and interrupting other people... that was just rude.

    Still, the FNSA presentation was really good and informative. I hope Worksource has some good news for us tomorrow. And I hope to get a low number in the lottery.

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    I'm done with everything except getting my lab results and turning everything in - I'll probably be doing that Friday. Stat-Line was out of badge holders, so I'll buy one at orientation.

    My shoulders are pretty sore from the flu shot and the TDAP vaccination. I really hope I don't need any more shots.

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    The community college I got in to doesn't have a waiting list, instead we have points values assigned to grades in your prerequisites and to the entrance exam. The 168, 144, or 96 (depending on the semester) students with the highest points get in. The only caveat to that is the residency requirement - students in that specific county get in first. If there are leftover spots, out of county students get them.

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    I stopped in the worksource office yesterday and was told that if we're already receiving financial aid, they don't have any money for us at this time. She said that this may change at anytime and they'll be at orientation next week if people want to check and ask questions.

    If you aren't getting any financial aid, they probably have money. I didn't think to ask.

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    I took the class on the North campus. It wasn't the cheapest of the choices, but it was the most convenient for me.

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    Quote from raerae1
    Does anyone have the 21 years and up package code for the background check? It wasn't in my packet and I would like to get that taken care of.

    The code is what you write in or print out after you buy it online.