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    Just check this site.
    Pick a month and looking under "Nursing"

    Not the same background check for CNA. Information also found on this site.

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    I'm not sure if I know anyone personally, but I know that people have received their licenses with criminal records, and dui's specifically. I got this information from the Illinois Division Professional Regulation website. If you read through the disciplinary reports, you will see that there are plenty of people who received their licenses, both LPN's and RN's. Keep in mind that this is a disciplinary report. All of the people on the report have been reprimanded in some way. Maybe this is the board's way of saying "You can have your license, but we will be watching you. Don't mess it up!" I don't know if anyone has ever been issues a license free and clear without any type of reprimand of probation to go along with it.

    The reports really won't give you any kind of details such as how long it's been since that person was convicted, or the detail behind how the board came to their decision. But it does let you know that it is possible.

    CNA's do not have to go through the same type of background checks. At least that's what I gather from the site. When I was a CNA, there were a few people who were convicted of DUI's while working for my LTC facility. There is a detail list on the site that tells you what types of convictions will bar you from ever being a CNA in this state. DUI is not one of them.