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    What are the pre-reqs? O-chem? Biochem? Genetics?
    I looked at the website and it seems like ALOT.....! Am I right? Please help! Thanks

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    I'm going to be taking all the pre-reqs for the ADN next semester at Cypress CC. I want to get into the nursing program at cypress college but they only accept applications in September and I will have all my pre reqs done at that time except for physiology, which I'll have to take in the spring. I really don't want to wait another year to start a nursing program, so my question is...Does anyone know of any community colleges that offer physiology in the summer so I can apply in September to Cypress Nursing, OR any community college in the area where anatomy isn't a pre-req for physiology?
    Also, are there any community colleges that accept applications for their nursing program twice a year? Like anytime around June??
    I'm open to Cerritos, GoldenWest, Mt. Sac, Citrus, Chaffey, OCC, LBCC, IVC, and Santa Ana.

    Thank you!!!!