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  • Jul 28 '12

    Well I am a new nurse still working towards my "one year" experience. I cannot tell you how it is in any other facility nor how anyone else handled getting their experience in LTC.If you wind up anywhere like me, I can tell you that you will go home crying many nights, you will not sleep well for fear you forgot to do something or did something wrong etc. You will question your own sanity for thinking you were even capable of doing this job. You will lose weight from running your butt off and having no time to eat anything. Your own ethics and morals will be tested on almost a daily basis. You will either become the most patient person in the world or you will crack and lose your mind. You will have to sharpen your "read between the lines" skills to razor sharp or be eaten alive by other nurse's in the facility. You will spend most of your "free time" restudying a lot of what you learned in school or drown once you clock back in the next day. You will be tested beyond anything you even thought you were capable of enduring on every possible level. Physically, mentally, emotionally,spiritually, ethically, morally. Every day you "survive" will feel like a major accomplishment! You climbed Mount Everest and are still standing. What has kept me going is "I have to get to that magic one year mark". Once I get there if it is still this bad I can try to find work in a different arena. You know I have come to the conclusion that the reason we must have that one year experience in LTC is because all other employers figure "If they can survive that then this job will seem like a breeze and they will stay long term here" LOL

  • Jun 3 '10

    kate, thank you so much for replying to my thread, i posted it the end of december i believe. it is now june and just two nights ago i had my first exam from the med-surge i am retaking. i have actually realized that it all happens for a reason. not only there are no jobs right now for new graduates, but failures is life asking you if you really want it, and well... i do! i want to do patient care, i am not interested in being a head nurse nor in administration, and though i will pursue my bs for sure, taking care of patients is what my dharma is. i understand the material much better now. the exam was tough, i honestly did not make an a as i had hoped. i have been studying all along and invested on this long weekend from 8:00 am to almost 6:00 pm literally, and i would have wanted better results, but it is what it is. the material makes more sense now than before. med-surge 1 (beginning) is 8 months long for us part timers, but i am ready. i teamed up with one classmate who also failed it. it is just the two of us and sometimes a third one studying together. i advise you to do the same but do not join a big study group and make sure the committment is the same for your group. makes no sense that you study and bring the knowledge to the table if the others are not doing the same. when you graduate you will savor the moment even more because you had the chance to quit and you did not. so hang in there, remember family always first, then everything else, your father needed you then and it was your place to be with him, is all good. keep me posted kate, it will be nice to know how someone in my shoes is progressing too