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    I called the NYS office of professions today to ask about if a license was issued in my name, and they said they are about a week behind. Hope this helps

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    I took NCLEX WED 7/21 I had one calculation question and 75 questions. According to the PVT I passed but will find out in the am for sure with quick results

    good luck

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    Hey has anyone used Exam Master? If so let me know. I am looking for the best NCLEX RN review and figured I would ask anyone who has taken any?


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    When I give an IM i curl my index fingers around the syringe, keeping my thumb out, then you can flick your thumb up to aspirate and then down to inject all the while keeping control over the syringe. keeping my thumb up helps me to remember i need to aspirate....hope thi shelps you good luck