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    I went back to school to become a CNM when my first-born was 3 months old...she is now 23 years old and in her 1st year of medical school...I also had 2 more children while in school...and have worked part-time at first and then full-time as a CNM since... so I think I understand your concerns. Yes, you can be a CNM with a young growing family..if you and your family and/or support people are flexible. Midwifery school is probably the biggest hurdle timewise, as your schedule of didactic and clinical hours will change with the semester. Once out of helps ALOT if you live in or near a big city, as your options will expand. You can work in a large inner-city midwifery group with many other CNMs and have a stable schedule of office and labor and delivery hours each week..on either a part or full time basis. I worked one Tuesday office day, and (because my hubby was home) 2-12 hour weekend night shifts in L and D...for the first few years. No we had no social life for those years, but the kids were well cared for mostly by myself and my hubby (whose support was invaluable), I was doing work I loved, and getting a GREAT education working with a large group of very diverse midwives. Then, the kids got older and more responsible and I moved into private practice, which is what I truly love. I have been in 2 small practices in the last 14 years, as 1 of 2 or 3 midwives...which means on call weekends every 2-3 weeks and about 20 hours of office each week. Do I work more than 40 hour weeks now...yes I work some 30 hour weeks...yes, again infrequently. I think being flexible...having the ability to get by some days on just a few hours of sleep...being able to get back to sleep instantly after several middle-of-the night phone calls...and loving what you do makes it more than worthwhile. You can make this career move with a young family...all you need is a real passion for the profession...some flexibility and support...and a great sense of humor when all else fails(and you know it will at sometime). Go with your heart...and have no regrets!