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    I started out at UOP in 1998, before all the on-line communication requirements, and I still felt that I didn't have time to do anything else while taking a course. I did not continue as my husband was starting his own business and I needed to pick up slack at home. I contacted them again to get information about reapplying, and the sales pressure, cost and intrusive questions turned me off from returning. Also the MSN is generic with a strong administrative focus.

    I have since been accepted and am attending St. Joseph's College in Maine. I did not have a BSN but through college transcripts, work experience and doing 2 learning profiles I was accepted. SJC has a 6 month class schedule. The classes are not on line, but are distance learning. The cost is also quite a bit lower than UOP. There is one two week residency required during one summer, there are several sections available. I have not done the summer session yet. SJC offers administrative, education and parish nursing specialties beyond the core courses, a total of 40 credits.