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    Quote from jinaRN
    hi guys!!

    so from what I understand, the orientation on Monday will be held at east l.a located at 4060e whittier blvd in los angeles. you check in at the frobt lobby and tell them u are there for new hire orientation. they will then tell you where to go.
    for those of you who are hired at coast plaza (by the way I will be working there too ;D), we will be meeting at coast plaza Wednesday 730am to 6 or 630pm and Friday 830am to 430pm. On Thuraday, we will be attending nursing orientation held at gardena memorial from 830am to 430pm.

    hope you all enjoy ur weekend and see you guys on Monday!yay!
    Thanks for the info! A little relief haha

    Where are you all coming from? Checked the hospital on google maps and parking looks scarce. Anyone wanna carpool? Message me!

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    Quote from Registered__Nerd
    Well, all I can say is I know how you feel and that you're not alone. LOL!!
    Ah, a little frustrating isn't it?
    Well I called them today... closed. so much for getting back to us.

    So just to clarify with everyone, orientation on monday is at East LA from 8:30am-3:30pm? Anyone know where exactly it is at the hospital?

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    Quote from Registered__Nerd

    Has MHG contacted you about your background check? I'm still waiting to hear from them.
    I called on Tuesday and they said it was still in progress... doesn't it usually take a week? But they said they would call me when it clears and with more details... tmrw is already Friday!

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    which hospitals are you both going to be working at? i can't seem to get any info out of MGH's HR and they said they'd tell me more when my background check clears... but it'd be nice to get a rough estimate of what my schedule's gonna be like!

    but i guess I'll see you all Monday? What are the other days of orientation for you guys scheduled as?

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    Quote from Ticklelicious
    Is the pay rate starting at $22/hr and going to $28/hr? Did you guys get that information during the phone call with the job offer?
    $22 to $25 to $29 all in a year... If I heard the numbers correctly.

    Also do you all know if its a 1 or 2 year contract?

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    I got my call today from memorial Gardena for preemployment on tues next week as well. It's finally getting real!

    Btw, when they offered you all the job, did they let you know what shift it was going to be for? They told me it was tbd but wondering if they mentioned anything to you all.

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    Quote from Registered__Nerd
    Has Gardena Memorial contacted you yet to start the pre-employment process?
    Haven't heard from them yet. The lady on the phone said no later than next week (if i heard correctly)... but it's getting pretty close to the start date isn't it??

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    Quote from jinaRN
    Got an offer this morning too memorial hospital med/surg!!
    Yay! I'm sure we will be bumping into each other

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    Quote from tinatuna
    Congrats to everyone who got an offer! :-D i was wondering what time did they call you guys? Was it the nurse recruiter who called? Congrats again!
    Hi tinatuna,
    they called me a little after 10 am (West coast time)
    I don't know if she's the nurse recruiter but she works in HR. Name starts with an L

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    Got an offer today as well! Memorial hospital tele

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    Quote from pariss
    They asked me what specific hospital I wanted to work in.. did they ask anyone else the same question? I feel bad for only only saying one
    Hi pariss! i got asked which hospital too... hopefully the hospital you said is THE one!!
    Good luck

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    Quote from coconutgirl14
    What does the online assessment consist of? Is it just one of those personality quiz things?
    Just finished... and the answer is yes. lots of strongly agree/strongly disagree with some yes/no type questions

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    Haha! Were they the ones more on the left side? Did you happen to remember what hospital and units those people said they were on? Their introductions now are all a blur!

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    Quote from christinejoy_d
    How were the questions? Behavioral? Clinical?
    The questions were generic. If you've had other interviews before I'm sure you will be prepared.

    I Feel like the questions were not very structured... just what they wanted to ask based on past responses, at least for my situation. I had the tell us abt yourself, tell us a time you went above and beyond in clinical, where I did preceptorship, shift and unit preference, etc. They were a very easy going panel so it made it that much more comfortable even though there was a lot of them lol

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    So just had mine today too. Same as what they both said, interviews today and next Thursday. I asked how many they'd be taking this batch and they told me 10 total for all hospitals... Not too many. Also, either way if you get picked or not, you'll be getting a phone call.

    I thought they were all so nice. I knew it was panel, but they weren't joking around when they meant panel lol plenty of faces. Sad I didn't catch names when they introduced themselves since it was so quick and overwhelming. The most I've had in a "panel" was 2 lol but when I say there's a lot of them, it's no joke haha.
    But regardless, everyone was so nice and I feel as if you can get an idea who likes you, depending on who asked the most questions to you. Is that how the others felt too or was that just me in my head? I had about 4 that asked me bunches of questions while the others were just sitting and listening.

    But good luck everyone! Hope this helps some