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    a lot of times people will send out emails to ISU students-through ISU's email..about selling the books needed for the classes you need to test out of. its much cheaper than going through the college network! as far as the TEAS exams go.....its a generalized placement test that doesnt require studding, but you can get the study material through ISU's book store-you can ask them about it when you pay the 40 dollars for the test. hope this helps

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    Hi. I have a bunch of college network books for sale if anyone is interested. they are:
    THE 4 NURSING CHALLENGE EXAMS/106,224,328 &330

    Nursing Care of Adults
    nursing care of the childbearing family
    mental health aspects of nursing practice
    nursing care of the child and family


    Information systems/computer application
    american history 1
    technical writing

    Would like to sell for 100 bucks a book plus shipping...

    I dont check my email for school very often...i will try. It is best to email me at

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    Hi. I just completed this TEAS Test a few weeks ago. It reminded me of the typical College placement test. It took me a couple hours to do all of the section. My school required a 70 % to pass and I managed to pull it off! Good Luck!