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    Quote from OneDayAttaTime
    I just picked up some Dansko's on ebay...$125 retail...I paid $30.99 plus that's shoes on a nursing student's budget!
    I just have to should really wash those things top to bottom when you get them!! Who knows where they have been!!

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    Quote from jspacegirl
    I think I am going to get a pair of these MBT's:

    They are really expensive and look kind of dorky, however, they are supposed to be excellent for your feet, knees, and back, while also giving your legs and core a workout! I figure that I won't have much time at all to work out once I start school, so I'll take my exercise where I can get it.

    They don't have that particular style at, but they do have lots of consumer reviews of other styles, and people seem to really love them.
    I used to work in a rehabilitation hospital and all the nurses wore MBT's and they all swore by them too. They said it helps tremendously with posture and keeps the weight of your body centered over your feet. They didnt say anything about giving your legs a workout, the walking around in the hospital will do that for you. I'm considering them myself but I will need a couple paychecks first!