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    [font=book antiqua]there is vocational school that is close to my home and they offer a lpn course. i was considering attending this school instead of one of the local colleges. but if all else fails, then the local colleges it will be. *
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    [font=book antiqua]the description of the course:
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    [font=book antiqua]the practical nursing program includes:

    • [font=book antiqua]1350 clock hours of instruction.
    • [font=book antiqua]more than half of the program is hands-on in local health care facilities and hospitals.
    • [font=book antiqua]small group instruction with highly qualified, experienced and certified nursing instructors teaching the course.
    • [font=book antiqua]preparation for successfully completing the nclx exam to become a licensed practical nurse.
    • [font=book antiqua]help with job placement.
    [font=book antiqua]does this sound practical? would you do it? i know for sure that nursing is what i was meant to do. but, how to go about achieving my goals, i need some help. my parents are very old school, and neither of them graduated. i didn't either. * *
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    [font=book antiqua]* i plan to apply to all (the vocational school & all the local colleges) and see which i get into, and from there i will narrow my choices into which i which to actually attend.
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    [font=book antiqua]**i quit school when i was 15 to stay at home and take care of my parents who are both disabled (which is why i want to be a nurse). i start my ged classes soon.