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  • Feb 24

    Sorry. Forgot to add. I found an NP position without a third party involved. WINNING!!!!

  • Feb 24

    Update: I stayed there for 2 days. The agency tried to convince me to be patient and give them time to learn what the role of an NP is. I showed them in writing what our scope of practice is and set professional boundaries with staff. They are not interested and want to put me in a bad position with my license which could affect patient care in an adverse way. Of course, they tried to say I was breaking the contract which is not true. The company had a hidden agenda which was not revealed in the interview. I never received a written job description which was promised to me. I have learned and decided these third party agencies or recruiters have no interests in helping nurses or nurse practitioners with finding a good fit in employment opportunities. We are just warm bodies to fit a slot for their financial gain. I do not care about burning a bridge with this agency. They started the fire and burned themselves. I am not working for agencies anymore. I view them as parasites and nurses/nurse practitioners are their hosts. I plan to cut off my own food supply to them in the future.