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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    As licensing exams go, the NCLEX is very short, very easy, and with a very high pass rate.

    The "holy grail" is the USMLE series, followed by some of the state Bar exams, CPA exams, and the PE exam.

    The NCLEX is stressful but let's not pretend that it's something that it's not.
    I totally disagree with you on that, I worked my &^% off for that test! I sweated and cried, and all of that. Don't try to diminish the sucess that those of us who are nurses experienced when we took it! For heavens sake just because there are other difficult tests doesn't mean that the NCLEX wasn't to some of us the holy grail....besides it was a euphamism, not literal.

    Not to mention the fact that just because it has a high pass rate doesn't mean that nurses don't spend an unbelievable amount of time and effort on it! It just goes to show the dedication of the people who take it!

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    You know what if your in ANY nursing school you are required to carrie a B to B+ average, and pass some VERY scary you hiney off and then take the holy grail of all tests. It requires dedication, sweat and blood! We ALL work hard, and just because we decide we do not want to go back to school and are happy with our situation, well thats a personal choice, but it does not effect our over all ability to care for our patients. Now this said some specialties require more education, and it's perfectly acceptable to chose the best. It's the way of the economy now, they have the option of taking their choice! It will change, hang in there!

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    I wonder what the "other" side of the story was?? I find that somewhere in the middle is usually the truth.

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    Geez I thought this was a friendly forum, with as harsh as you guys are, Id be afraid to post lol. Frankly I can see where MzFin is coming from although I disagree. No matter what there are going to be people who cry discrimination. I think the only way that they are going to be able to pull this off is going to be to start charging for the hourly wage of the personal involved as well as the equipment used.