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    I have three children also, I feel like I can't wait around for KSU, I am kicking myself for not applying more places, I will most likely not be able to start a program until Fall 2011! Good luck to you.

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    Well I applied to the accelerated program and since I didn't receive an email, I guess I didn't get in again. Seriously I feel like I have been trying forever to get in and it is not worth it, but this was my second attempt. I am not sure what I have to do to get in. I have all A's in my pre-reqs, my TEAS was 87. I have a bachelor's in health service mgmt, and a Master's in Health Education. I guess I did terrible on the interview, I felt like I was rushed in and rushed out. I have reapplied for the Summer, I kinda of knew I wasn't going to get in, and then that's it! I've had enough of KSU. I am starting to think a BSN is over-rated at this point in my life, an ASN will be just fine. Any thoughts?