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    yah, baby girl, yah

    i bet granny is proud

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    good morning
    beautiful cold day, i went to the post office but decided to just whiz in and wait until this afternoon to do any other running around
    put on a pot of stew, something hot in a bowl tastes good on a winter day

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    Quote from ghillbert
    I'm not familiar with the case, apart from what I read. Why does everyone think they should be released?
    i believe that they should not have been charged because what they were doing was trying to prevent this perp from coming into the country with a load of dope

    he said that he was unarmed but they said they were returning fire..after the incident he went back across the river to mexico where he received care for a bullet injury in the buttocks which the da said was he was shot while running away but a person can fire a gun and then turn

    actually no one who was not there that night really knows what happen, even the three men involved probably were unsure because of the trauma of the moment but the da knew that this guy was running drugs and he gave immunity for testifying against the border patrol add insult to injury he was caught again before the trial came up and they gave him immunity for that one also

    there are a lot of families being ruined because of the availablity of illegal drugs, we need someone to stand up and say this is wrong

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    good luck with your new schooling
    check out the student forum as well your state forum

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    welcome to AN and to the profession
    most areas of the country have a need of nurses and you will probably not have difficulty finding employment
    make sure that the hiring facility has a good, solid orientation program
    congrats on upcoming graduation

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    happy to see you and welcome you to AN
    are you free lance
    maybe yo can work your day job around the clinicals,
    many nurses do go in debt to pay for their schools and consider it an investment in their future
    there are loans, scholarships etc plus being a minority [male vs female] in the field there may be some federal/state help there
    good luck

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    more boys are born than girls but boys are more likely to die in the first year
    more boys than girls are killed in accidents so that by the time the time of maturity [20s] they girls outnumber the boys..this is true around the world

    there are already cases of chinese men coming here to seek wives, usually of chinese-american families not esp of adoptive chinese, because of the desire to have blood and culture caried on to the next generation

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    the problem here is that the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater

    abstinance 'ONLY' may not be the way to go but to not teach that maturity allows a young person to have self respect and not engage in risky behavior because 'everyone' is doing it

    young girls are vunerable to a lack of self worth if she is made to feel that her only value is to please a guy

    abstinance is certainly an option that should not be shamed

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    i didn't know that it wouldn't take effect until march, i have no idea what was the reasoning of that

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    some states will not allow a rn student to sit for the lpn test, new york comes to mind but i guess there are others
    i have never heard of a state allowing you to sit after 5 years cna plus pharmacology is this a limited license??

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    END STAGE may refer to those whose weight has adversely affected their vital organs and general health to the point that they can not be helped with the procedures now available
    it takes a long time to lose 800 lbs and some of those on Discovery Channel have at least that much to lose and their body just gives out
    if you haven't walked in a long time your bones have lost calcium, your heart is straining to pump blood etc
    the sad thing about so many of these people are that they don't really see to enjoy a meal...they just push the food in as fast as they can and don't really taste it

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    just heard on the radio that President Bush has commuted the sentence of two border patrol agents that were convicted of shooting a drug runner in Texas
    i can't find anything on the web yet, will post a link if i can find something

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    zoe, they say that salmonella is running rampant out there...have you had any peanut butter?? i hope that you are feeling better soon that n/v makes you so weak
    i have been working in the kitchen this morning, did all the visable stuff now i have to empty the cabinents and wipe them down..i wonder what i will find that i haven't seen in a while
    all the little ones waiting to be born...reminds me of when i was waiting for mine
    i know about those charges aboard ship...we could rent the pc for an hour and email everyone..but we couldn't make any calls out - this was last year i heard that they were going to do a satellite hookup but i don't know when that will be

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    trauma, good luck with your surgery
    my dd had the bypass surgery and she had some rough spots but has lost over 100# and she says she would do it again in a heart beat...she had tried every diet w/o success she looks so good and she can exercise daily and she feels so much better
    keep us in touch

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    Quote from burn out
    The most dangerous nurse is the stupid nurse that doesn't know they are stupid and refuses to ask questions.
    a patient had a high potassium level and the doctor ordered kayexelate but she did not d/c the k+ and for two days the nurses gave the patient both the potassium and the kayexelate

    i have worked with so many lazy, incompetent nurses i have lost count...tptb believe that a warm body with a license is the answer to all their problems