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    One of our local hospitals is implementing EPIC and is interviewing for system trainer positions. I've been asked to interview with the CIO and the Software Development Manager and feel pretty clueless since I have no software development experience. I have over 10 years of general trainer experience, to include training IT professionals in non-IT classes, and transitioned into healthcare just 2 years ago and currently work in an ambulatory clinic as an LPN. I really don't feel qualified for the position, and I don't understand why the interest in me. I guess I should feel good about this, and I really want this job, but I'd like to be better prepared for the interview. Can anyone tell me what a system trainer does besides train? According to the job description, I'd be responsible for workflow processes. What exactly is this?

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    Quote from odria
    I think Tacoma Community College will be very hard to get into. While there number of applications vary a lot, they have had as many as 400 or applications for 20 slots. I expect that the number of applications will increase because students who have a 3.0 will have the same chance as someone with a 4.0. In the past, I can't imagine a 3.0 student even bothering to apply when the application was competative. Moreover, the TCC application process is extremely easy. I did not think I had a chance but filled out one anyway because it was so easy. It turns out I just barely made the cut at 3.78. I worked really hard on my Pierce College app, spent lots of time and energy only to be cut after the interview stage. The surest route is to take the LPN route and then upgrade to RN. LPN programs are easier to get into and the RN bridge programs seem to be easier to get into as well. You also have the added benefit of having an interim step after completing the LPN.
    What was the process like with Pierce College? Did they tell you how you did on the interview and why you were cut? What were the interviews like? Was there a test you had to take? Just wondering, since I'm considering if it's even worth the effort to apply.

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    I'm considering applying to the Pierce College nursing program in Puyallup and also Tacoma Community College. Does anyone have any insight as to the strengths and weaknesses of either one? TCC has a really simple, straightforward application process, and the application process at Pierce College intimidates me. It seems as if there are so many different elements that are considered by Pierce College, and I understand that there's an interview involved along with a proctored essay question? Those things are enough to dissuade me, so I'd like to know if it's even worth trying for Pierce College.

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    I'd say stick it out, since you've already come this far and it will pay off. Isn't there a new federal program that forgives your loans if you work in a healthcare environment serving in an underrepresented demographic area? I remember reading about it, but I can't remember if it's federal or state. Good luck!