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    Quote from Tiffie1210
    Shannon W I know I cant believe were being wacthed thats so funny! I tried to keep a straight face when I went and read the poster board I was so shocked! All I could think was "did I write anything bad that they would hold against me!" LOL I think one girl knew who I was and pointed me out to some of the other students they never said anything tho all I could do was smile LOL. I dont know if I saw any of u I was so OVERWHELMED! I got called like 70 but still got one of the teachers I wanted I'm in Pod #6 and got clinical at Oakwood Heritage with the northwest campus for lecture the 2nd 7.5 weeks. I'm glad I got a close clinical but kinda mad I have to go to northwest for lecture . Well all and all I'm pretty satisfied with everything!

    Hey I didnt rat anyone out i kept my mouth closed lol I just thought it was so funny them putting the post up like that... I ask one of the teachers why they did that and they said to see if they can find out whos who on the site.

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    Thank you so much. I am so nervous out the routions that I need to keep telling myself to breath LOL.
    I am freaked out about math only for some reason. I hatied math my whole life. But I went out and bought some new med math books to give myself some review.
    so again thank you.

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    I got in for fall and I am so freaked out... Getting ready for the RIDE OF MY LIFE.
    I am going over med math I heard we have a test in it every 7 weeks is that true?