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    i haev started late as well, i am 35 and have 9 and 1/2 months lef tof nursing school,,you can do it,,and congratulations!!

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    [color=#556b2f]ok, so i spoke to someone in the nursing department, and i am feeling alot more reassured. she let me know what the prerequisites i would need would be and that it is entirely possible to attend college in 2010 in the fall. there are several people from my area that attend the program as well. i made an appointment to go meet with an admissions counselor and get a tour of the nursing campus next week. i would be able to complete the program in 5 semesters (2 1/2 years). she informed me i will have to re-take anatomy & physiology i & ii since the ones i took didn't include labs, but they will count towards a biology prereq. so it wasn't a total loss and i kinda had a refresher in it so i'll know what to expect from it. i am feeling very optimistic now!