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    Thank you that's exactly what I was thinking! I'll avoid mentioning it in that case and just take full responsibility for what happened. After all, I should've been able to handle it anyways.

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    Quote from UVA Grad Nursing
    I have been in higher education for 30 years, and will chime in as well.

    1. I would also recommend that you move on and do not return to your old school. Your 'old' transcript remains valid (including any poor grades); they will never go away. This can be quite a weight on your academic record that cannot be erased. Attending a new nursing program allows you the chance to show that you are different student now than you were 7 years ago. It also gives you that new opportunity to graduate with a great GPA.

    2. If you are adamant on wanting to return to amend matters, then I recommend the following tactic in your meeting with the dean. In my past experiences, I have been the dean who delivered the academic dismissals as well as the individual who dealt with readmissions. Faculty and administrators do believe in redemption, but we also want to protect students from further harm.

    • Admit what errors you made in the past (and thoughtfully discuss what led to your past poor performance). Account for your role in your own past.
    • Discuss what remedies you have made to whatever led to your poor performance over the past 7 years. Was it immaturity, lack of focus, illness, addictions?
    • What assurance can you provide that whatever happened before will not happen again?

    Thank you for the insightful advise. I was immature back then but the experience really brought everything into perspective. The experience really did force me to grow up because it made me think of my future. I realized that if I kept going the way I was going 7 years ago then I would end up as nothing, and that scared me more than anything.

    Also, I believe the big issue why they didn't take me back was because I didn't have a car back then so I was always late for classes and clinicals. I always depended on friends to bring me to school. I couldn't even practice in the lab when I wanted to. However, now I have my own car so that shouldn't be an issue.

    I just have two questions, if you don't mind:

    (1) As a Dean would you believe that I can succeed this time around, if I showed you that I've remained on the Dean's list since I was dismissed from the nursing program? Or would that not be enough?

    (2) Would it hurt me to mention the personal problems I had back then which contributed to my poor grades? Specifically, my grandpa was diagnosed with Leukemia while I was in the nursing program and that my family and I were facing financial problems back then, which forced me to pick up a second job just to pay my tuition?

    Thanks for your time,


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    Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and insightful advice. Also, yes it was a typo, I meant BS (Bachelor of Science) instead of BSN, I apologize for that. I actually have a degree in Criminal Justice with a specialty in Homeland Security/ Counter-terrorism.

    Also, there seems to be confusion between the two schools, so I'll break them down into school A and school B.

    School A
    - My former school where I took nursing 7 years ago

    - This is also where I got my degree in Criminal Justice with a specialty in Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism.

    - The reason I want to return here is because I believe in their curriculum. I've seen first hand how knowledgeable nurses become once they graduate from this school. I'm not saying other schools are bad but this school is known to produce good nurses. Doctors have told me that they actually look for students that come from this school.

    - Also, I'm hoping for a new start here because I heard there was a new dean of nursing and new teachers. Most of the teachers I had before have all since retired.

    School B

    - This is where I got accepted. It's a nice school and I wouldn't mind going here if I had to. I am thankful for the opportunity they've given me but I believe I'll become a better nurse if I attend school A.

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    In a couple of weeks I'm going to speak to the Dean of nursing about possibly returning to the nursing program. To keep the story short, I was in the nursing program 7 years ago but unfortunately I was unable to make it. I was young and foolish but since then I've learned from my mistakes and now I hope to pursue my dream again.

    My game plan is:

    (1) Get a letter of recommendation from three poeple: (a) an old nursing teacher that taught at that school who supported me 7 years ago; (b) From the Vice President of Student Affairs, (c) From the Dean of the program I graduated from.

    (2) Talk to the Nursing Dean and explain to her that I've changed a lot since I was in the nursing program 7 years ago. I want to tell her how difficult failing was but at the same time I'm kind of glad that it happened because it woke me up and brought everything into perspective it helped me grow up quickly.

    (3) I want to show her that since failing nursing school, I've graduated with another BSN degree and I've remained in the Dean's list, first honors, since failing nursing school.

    (4) I want to explain to her that nursing has always been my passion... Even though I've now graduated and have a job, I want her to know that I've always wanted to be a nurse despite living comfortably now.

    (5) Should I tell her that I actually got accepted at a different school? The reason why is because I would prefer if I stayed at my old school because it's really been a second home to me and because I believe in their teaching method and their holistic approach to treating patients.

    Does this sound like a good plan? Thanks for reading and sorry for the length .



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    About 7 years ago I was in the first semester of the BSN program but unfortunately things did not work out for me. I was 19 years old at the time and I was irresponsible and I didn't have the type of commitment required to be a good nurse. The sad part is that I passed the exams but it was a late paper, that my teacher refused to grade, that was ultimately my undoing. Regardless, I don't make excuses for what happened because that paper was my responsibility and I certainly understand why my teacher didn't wanna grade it. She was just trying to teach me what it was like in the real word.

    After I failed, I went through an appeals process but unfortunately they decided not to let me back in. It was a tough year to say the least, but I realized that I had to get back up and learn from my mistakes. I've since graduated with another Bachelors of Science degree and I've made in the dean's list ever since I was removed from the nursing program.

    Nursing has always been a passion of mine, which is why I've applied to another school and I'm starting again this fall. However, it would be great if I could finish my nursing degree at my old school because it's really been like a second home to me since I've been here for so long.

    I'm planning to talk to the Dean of Nursing after the holidays. Do you think I have a chance of getting back in the nursing program at my old school? If not, can you please give me advice on what to say or do.


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    I was 19 years old when I got accepted, which makes it 2 and a half years ago. I didn't get kicked out of the school, only from the nursing program. I am still attending the same school and I will be receiving my CJ degree at the same school.

    This really sucks, I was only 2 percent from passing. I should've been mature enough to drop one of the two classes so I could start over. But I guess it's better this way, I wouldn't want a nurse who barely passed his/her basics. Do you think I have a good chance of getting accepted back? And should I do anything else besides the letter of recommendations? Thank you all

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    Yes,I am trying to get back into the same college. And I agree with you, I am in no way looking for an easy way back in the program and I'm more than willing to go through the same process that a new nursing student would have to go through. If that is what it takes, I will do it.

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    2 years ago I was in the nursing program, I was doing very well in the beginning but unfortunately everything fell apart after the midterms, it was as if I completely lost a hold of myself and gave up due to external circumstances. I ended up failing most of my classes, hence I was removed from the program. I was granted an appeals process but I was not accepted back to continue my education. There are many reasons to why I failed, first and foremost is because I was young and stupid, I was irresponsible and I was still trying to find myself in the world. I did not know how to handle all the stress and frankly I don't think that I was ready for everything. Couple that in with the fact that I was having financial difficulties, fear of loosing a family member and personal problems at home it was really a recipe for disaster.

    My GPA dropped down from a 3.2 all the way to a 2.8 that semester. However, instead of moping around and feeling sorry for myself all day. I've decided to opt for a different degree (Criminal Justice) to prove my sincerity towards my endeavors. This field is unrelated to nursing however I took it because one day I would like to try to get into the Forensic Science field or Paralegal nursing.

    This semester, I will be receiving my Associates degree in CJ. My GPA for the CJ field will total out to a 3.8 and I have been on the Dean's List consecutively for the last two years.

    However, is this enough to make a case for re-admission to the nursing program? I realize that I made a huge mistake in the past, it is still my dream to become a nurse and a good one at that. I also realize that there are other schools around that I can attend but I would like it if I could stay at this school because they really are top notch when it comes to their nursing graduates. In fact each hospital that I visit have high praise for our graduates and I also agree with their core values such as caring with a holistic approach.

    I really want to make up for the irresponsibility's of my youth and I am a completely different person than the one who entered into the program. I am older and wiser and I have made necessary steps towards reaching my goals. I also believe in myself more and I no longer doubt myself as much as I did before. My mind is set on one goal and that is to become the best nurse that I can ever be. I know how important a nurse can be specially dealing with having family members and family friends who have been sick the past two years.

    I really just move on from the past, I still look back at it but I no longer dwell in the past. Because a wise friend once told me that you should never look back in the past unless you're planning to head that way and I have lived to that quote until this day.

    The steps that I have taken to try to persuade them to accept me back is that I have tried to be as proactive as I can. I will be talking to my adviser and asking him for the necessary steps that I need to take. I will also be receiving a letter of recommendation from 3 people: The Dean of the Criminal Justice program, A nursing teacher at our university and the Vice President of Student Affairs. Would all this be enough? Thank you all for your time, I appreciate it!