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    I couldn't do my job without my CNAs. It's very important that they give me the time to pass some meds when I get there, introduce myself, and make dr calls if I need anything right away. Otherwise, I have to get my own VS, feed people, walk people, and generally be running out of time.
    CNAs are the backbone of a floor, I think every nurse should be one first so they get a feel for what CNAs go through and realize how important they are.
    Your reasons are good and you are a big help. GL to you!

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    I'll usually get up and answer lights during vital rounds, med passes, etc. if I am not in a room or on my way to do something really important(round with dr., family having questions, new admission that I want to let know plans for tests/medication/etc.) If the tech is good enough to let me know they are going to be in a room doing a bath or they're behind, or the floor is really heavy, etc. I'll gladly go get my own VS during first rounds because "hey, I gotta go see the pt anyways".
    That being said when I'm working with people who don't like to go answer lights, etc. I'll say, "hey, I've gotta go to 30, your light in 27's on, just so you know and the tech's in 28 washing them up." Or if I get up to get a light and there is 2-3 going off I'll say "guys, there's two lights." and I'll go get one.
    short of living by example, I dunno. Just suck it up and do what you can. sometimes other little things have to go.

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    it sounds like it's not a good fit. Seriously expecting you to work Sunday mon wed, thurs friday? 60 hours a week? I would a)complain to the state board of nursing. OSHA, etc. This is NOT safe. There is no way you can work like that. basically only one day off between shifts? I work three straight and am BEAT, refuse to work for 2 days. We are a self schedule, and weeks go sun morning-sat morning.

    b. Find another job.

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    Big whoop. None of your business.

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    This may be a little much but.....

    I started college right after high school. Decided to major in Broadcasting, cause I was gonna be the next Brian Williams. Until I found out that I would probably never make much in front of the camera and I didn't like the back of the camera. Switched to accounting, spent 3.5 learning that I would rather work with people than numbers. My grandmother was a nurse for 45 years, she passed away recently.
    I like taking care of people. I want to help them.

    I love when I tell patients that I'll see them the next night, and they're happy to hear that.

    I provide comfort when someone's dying.

    I'm the one who spends 12 hours doing everything for them.

    I get paid.

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    even though it's random, maybe the nclex gods will give you heart questions....good luck, u got it

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    take some ground beef, brown it up, drain it off. dump in some tomato sauce, some ricotta and mozzerella. layer it in a pan with some ready no-cook lasagna noodles, cook for 20 minutes at 375, and presto, lasanga!

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    Hey, before you comment on something, please look at the date of last comment. I'm getting bookmarks on stuff from 2007. Let's try to keep it current.

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    Ladies morning (staff paints nails those who can paint their own or someone's who can't.)
    Current events (read a few stories ranging from local/state/national and discuss)
    outings to store/area events/sometimes even 30 min scenery drives-although with price of gas this was tough to get away with)
    movie afternoons/nights with votes on requested movies
    fashion shows with staff assisting residents to dress up and go down a central "runway"
    the list goes on and on.

    I was a activity director for 5 years in a MI home with ages 18-99. tough to plan activities for the whole 198 bed facility. feel free to PM me for more or to discuss.

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    when the patient who was really scared about a test/procedure slept well and I was able to answer their questions.

    The incontinent patient just got cleaned up at 0430 before next shift got in.

    dr. Idon'twanttobeadoctorsoiwon'tgiveyouordersthathelp anything was any of my patients' doctors.

    and I got home quick so I can get to bed and do it all over again.

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    well, let's see. when I was in school (4 semesters), we did skills lab/nursing home/med-surg/med-surg(with a surgery rotation)/ob-gyn/med-surg(with a peds week)/med-surg(with ICU rotation)/nursing home. 8 week rotations, and those last two rotations we each took a turn being charge student, responsible for two other students' whole groups(8 patients total). took a while to get the swing of each place, and just when you got comfy, you changed. There was also a seperate psych clinical for 8 weeks.

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    I would say the combo of looking around for learning opps, trying to stay on top of everything you HAD to know about your patient, and the stress of trying to stay busy enough to pass the day wiped me out in NS. A shift can be busy, but you find your downtime. I would say that trying to get the important stuff down quick, and then ease into the rest of the day makes the time go by.

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    I believe(and as a future hopeful nursing instructor) if most of the class missed a poorly written question, then everyone gets that point back. Doesn't matter if you got it right or not. everyone should get it or nobody. but, you shouldn't be worried about everyone else. worry about your score.

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    I have on occasion had female patients refuse to let me put them on the bedpan or take them to the bathroom, help with personal needs, etc. Other than that, I generally find females open and friendly to having me take care of them. Joking with them, being open and friendly helps.

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    YOU have a responsiblity to know what you are administering. NOT by color, by smell, by taste, etc. By what the drug name is, checking it against the MAR or medication orders, and then giving it as requested per the order. Doing anything else puts you at risk. If you do not check the order with the instructor, you should ALWAYS wait for them before giving meds. you also have a responsibility to fess up to your errors. Hopefully you learn from this, and become much more vigilant.