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    HELLO!! i am in my second year of an AD nursing program, my lna license was suspended over the summer, and although i am appealing the decision it is currently on my record (my school is aware of this and allowed me to continue my education on a probationary status) also, the board did not say they would automatically re-instate my license. the other concern is the board fired their lawyer at the time of my license suspension and the new lawyer is not open to the idea of an appeal... my lawyer is working on it, but i do not have high hopes in regards to the appeal

    so my question is, is my education pointless if they decide not to reinstate my lna, meaning i cannot take the nclex exam?

    i am doing my best to hold my head high, succeed in school and find a different line of work due to my suspension, but i am feeling very lost and not sure who to ask or what resources are available, i didnt know where to start so i thought i would start here. any advice would be greatly appreciated... im not sure what i am looking for, hoping someone has had or knows someone who has had a similar situation. thank you!