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    Has anyone took tests that were check all that apply. The NCLEX test is going to have 1-2% of these new questions. Could anyone give any test taking tips for this type of question!! We just had a test today and they asked 10 of these questions! I though they were a little difficult!!

    Take care!! SLOBRA

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    Hi Auri,

    Thanks for your reply!!! You must have done well!! Did you just graduate or do you still have one more semester? I'm done in May as long as I pass Hesi??!! Good luck to you!!

    The only practice test I have done is RN-cat!! This is a good review test. Ask the librarian at your college and see if they offer it. Sorry I can't help you with your question any further!!

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    thanks for the reply picaresque!!!

    i am going to check out the webite you suggested. also, i will make sure i give you feedback if it helps me or not! i pray that it helps because i have the worst test anxiety!! i would rather work 8-12 hours then take any kind of test!!

    thanks again!!!

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    Nekhismon, thanks for the inspiring quotes you shared!!!!

    The school were I attend made Hesi mandatory to pass to be able to graduate!! I understand that this test gets us prepared for our NCLEX exam, but I just don't understand why they had to make it mandatory!! I feel very discouraged because I have not passed it yet!! Two senior's from our school did not graduate because they didn't pass the test! Because of this my fellow classmates and I are on the edge!!

    Thank you for everyone's Hesi taking tips!! I am going to pass this on to my fellow classmates!

    Can anyone else give me more positive feedback for taking the Hesi test?:uhoh21: