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    hello can-rn-immigrant,

    yup, i have done this, not only me, as well as my friends and colleagues. hope this simple procedure helps...


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    hello louieb,

    I made a simple procedure for everybody so that you can follow if you wish to endorse your NCLEX results to Vermont. I hope this will help.

    Procedure for applying RN license thru NCLEX results Endorsement to Vermont from California BON:

    Step 1 Apply for Credential evaluation service full course by course specifically for the State of Vermont at CGFNS through online or by mail. Fill up application form and follow procedures strictly. Attached a certified true copy of high school diploma (must be in English) if not, have it translated and mail it to CGFNS in Pennsylvania. Attached the payment using bank demand draft of US$385 if you are mailing the application but if you decide to do it online, have your credit card ready so that you can pay it online. Be careful when filling up the form.

    Step 2. Fill up license verification form included in the CES application form. Bring it to PRC manila and pay necessary fee. PRC Manila will then mail it directly to CGFNS.

    Step 3 Fill up school credentials for university and bring the request to your university where you graduated B.S. in Nursing. Pay necessary fee. Your school will mail the verification papers directly to CGFNS.

    Step 4 Prepare and mail a letter of request to CalBON to forward NCLEX results to Vermont BON. Attached a check / demand draft of USD60 pay in favor of CalBON with your letter of request. Mail it to CalBON. CalBON will forward your NCLEX results with your photograph to Vermont.

    Step 5 If you don’t have a CGFNS username yet, sign in online and have a username and password so that you can check status of your CES application online via internet.

    Note: after about one (1) MONTH, while waiting for CES report from CGFNS, apply for RN license at Vermont using NCLEX ENDORSEMENT FORM for International graduates using the following steps:

    Step 1 Download a copy of the NCLEX Endorsement form for international nurses (those nurses who graduated outside the USA. Print a hard copy.

    Step 2 Fill up the form and attach the payment of USD150 by demand draft pay to Vermont secretary of state. Get the details on the website. Attached zerox copy of passport, picture, etc.

    Step 3 Mail application form together with the demand draft check of US$150 using Philippine registered mail or LBC or fedEx depending on your budget.

    Step 4 As soon as Vermont received your application form, they will email you your username and password for you to check your application status on the website.

    Note: You need to check status of your CES report at CGFNS thru online. Vermont will not issue you a license if they have not received your CES report from CGFNS. Also, Please check their website application packet and requirements. Your application will depend on how quick you can produce and submit all the requirements at Vermont.

    Good luck!

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    Hi! Yes, definitely, you need to apply for Credential Evaluation Report in order for you to apply an RN license in the State of Vermont. If I were you, do it now, as soon as possible. Apply first for a CES report with the corresponding amount demand draft pay to CGFNS. then write a letter to CalBON to forward NCLEX results to Vermont with US$60 demand draft pay to CalBON, then download the form NCLEX Endorsement at Vermont website, fill it up, send the payment thru demand draft pay to Vermont US$150. Your application will take about 4 to 6 months depending on the verifications, mailing, followups etc. then, Vermont issue you a license number. You can check their website online for the status of your application. Vermont will send you your username and password thru your email address. Good luck!

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    Please check website of VT. There is a form that you will use to endorse your nclex results which is NCLEX ENDORSEMENT FORM for international nurses who pass the NCLEX but do not have license yet. DO NOT USE OTHER FORMS OR ELSE, THEY WILL RETURN IT TO YOU!

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    Yes, Silverdragon is correct. You do not need to fill up form 3 if you have no US license to verify. CVS requires your country license to verify using the CVS form. And You need to write a request letter to Calif BON requesting them to send a copy of your NCLEX results to NYBN with US$60 bank demand draft pay to CALBON enclosed together with your letter of request.

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    The most important thing that will happen if you endorse it to Vermont is that you will have a permanent US RN license. Renewal of license form does not require an SSN for international nurses who do not hold an SSN. You just need to provide them a copy of your passport. And Silverdragon is right, this is something that you need to discuss with the BON. And your name will be included in the NCBSN database. Your file will be there even it's inactive, active status or whatsoever. And better for you coz you can endorse your license anywhere in the US as long as you submit all requirements of that particular state you want to work at. You will NO LONGER WORRY that your NCLEX result will be destroyed... wow!

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    Anywhere you go, any place in earth, if you have a master's degree, then you are far better than a BS degree holder with the good working experience, then you can go and work anywhere... that's the advantage guys!

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    Quote from therese08
    Hi all!

    I recently passed my NCLEX - RN (California), and it was clearly stated they will destroy your file three years after, if you don't supply them SSN. Can somebody please give me an advice on what to do with my NCLEX results? You still need to have SSN even if you already have a visascreen, is that right? thanks guys.
    If I were you, I will simply endorse my nclex result now, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, to Vermont BON in order to acquire an RN license but first you have to apply for CES at CGFNS, then, apply an RN license at Vermont using the NCLEX endorsement form from vermont website. Do not wait for three years before doing this. And after 4 to 6 months, you will have your RN license.