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    i am a stay-at-home mom considering a nursing aas & would like to, as you suggest, try a job in the healthcare field prior to enrolling in classes..however, all the entry level jobs i am finding in my area require both bls and cna certification prior to applying. one for patient care technician even states "must have previous patient care experience in a hospital or nursing home, or have completed a minimum of 1 clinical rotation through a cna/ nursing program."
    there are cna/bls courses offered online but are these actually accepted by employers? "education connection" offers a cna course..that's the online school with those cute tv know the one with the catchy music? (get connected..for free.. with education-connect-tion!).
    anyways, any info would be appreciated. i'm sort of on the fence still re: nursing career.
    i'm not sure i have what it takes for all the science classes. it sounds pretty taxing. i have a ba already but it was in an unrelated field. plus i'm 44 years old already.

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    This is all very encouraging. I'm so glad I posted this question.
    Conandcait- does your mom know if Chase is planning on lowering the rates again anytime soon?

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    Well hooray for that! Plus I'm wondering also, if the generally bad finacial times we are going through right now might on the whole kind of lower the curve as to the definition of "financially irresponsible". I mean, what's making my credit card debt so much worse now is that the interest rates have jumped to 26% without my having been late or negligent with the payments (4 cards with Chase banks) & I feel that interest rate is usuary. Since record numbers of people have been filing bankruptcy because of debt, foreclosing on their homes or just walking away from their homes, clearly the poor economy is not affecting me alone so maybe future employers won't judge as harshly on it.

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    If I got rid of my $43k in credit card debt, I might actually be able to pay the tuition sans a loan.
    The program I'm aiming for is at a community college so it's about $121 per credit-around $400 for a 3 credit class. The program brochure states it does a Criminal History Background Check, but that's not the same as a credit check is it? I'm pretty sure I have no outstanding criminal record, never been indicted for a crime.
    Since I will have to go to school p/t evenings, it will take me at least 3 years to complete the program, so I'm hoping by then I will have built up my credit some before applying for nursing jobs, which is another concern because I've been reading on here how employers do credit checks now..which is BS, IMO.

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    I am new on this board & if this has been addressed before please excuse the repeat question.
    My question is this: Could I be denied admission to a nursing school as a result of my bad credit?
    Later on, could I not be hired as a nurse if I file?

    I want to apply to a nursing program in 2010 & this program does a background check on potential students. I am having finacial difficulties right now and am considering filing bankruptcy.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.