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    I have been doing Agency work at St. Vincents (great hospital) and at Prince of wales (great staff) I tried looking into full time work at St. Vincents but the person in charge of personel unhelpful to the point of being rude.
    Anyone recomend anywhere for an EN wanting full time nights?

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    I am a 4th year EN and I am so sick of the reaction I get when RN's ask me if I am doing my RN's. It's one of total shock and disbelif "YOUR NOT????" Like there is nothing else to aspire to than to be a registered Nurse. I trained in QLD where the training is not hospital based, but acadmically based like RN's. 18months full time at tafe studing at Diploma Level with 3 clinical placements a month each in duration. I come out accredited to give up to s4 meds via Oral, SC, IM and PR routes. I am also allowed to moniter IV infusions. In line with our skills we come out a second year pay level.

    Then I move to NSW

    The Nurses registration board treated me like I was trying to pull a fast one on them, None of my advanced skills were recognised, and the dropped me back a year in pay!!!

    Still now, 6 years after QLD began training EN's this way nothings changed, EN's are still often regarded as "dumb" or "useless" or generally of lesser value (especially among older RN's who shouldn't talk) and the Uni's here don't even recognise my qualifications should I be masochist enough to do my RN's.

    Why would I want to get $30k into debt, study, work unpaid, and miss out on alot of paid work for 2 years, get heaps more responsibility, heaps more workload for a degree that is almost useless outside of the nursing field so I am more qualified for a job that pays $4 an hour more than my current job, with limited chance of promotion, low paying for the amount of responsibility, requiring I work antisocial hours, Put my health at risk handling infectious, dangerous, offensive materials and people.......Are they CRAZY???

    Yeah ok, Nursing does have some benefits, like flexability, being able to travel and job security, helping people and (hopefully) making a difference in peoples lives but I can do all that to a large extent with my current qualifications, so now you know why I am very happy being an enrolled nurse thanx very much.

    And they wonder why nurses are leaving the profession like the plague.