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    Basically all you do is....

    Once you have finished your exam, log onto the pearson vue site and sign onto your account. Once logged on, click on register in the Left hand menu collumn. Follow all the instructions from there. If you receive a pop up window at the end of that process that states contacting a "board member" or something like that, then supposedly you have passed. If you don't get that specific pop up and instead it goes to the credit card payment page then supposedly you have failed. There are a couple pop ups that don't mention "board member" that seem to mean that the test is still being processed and does not mean pass or fail. For me it was about an hour or two after the exam that I get the "good" pop up message.

    Hope that sort of helps.

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    Just took the NCLEX RN this morning, went through the registration process and received both pop up messages. First pop up was about 30-60mins after taking the test and then the second pop up (the good one) showed up about 20 minutes later. Pretty much exactly how the original "trick" post states.

    I will find out in 48 hrs for sure. Took the NCLEX for Washington State

    Feeling much better but am still a bit aprehensive about the validity of the "trick".