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    I have heard that Huntsville Hospital pays very well. You may want to look into working there. Also, I have worked in surgery and found that I made about $10,000 more per year than the floor nurses because of all the overtime and pay for taking call. You might want to look into working in surgery.

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    I felt exactly like you do now when I was in nursing school. I did not feel like nursing school had prepared me to work on a medical/surgical floor or pediatrics. One day, toward the very end of the last semester, our med-surg instructor walked into the classroom and said that the local medical center was looking for OR nurses. They didn't expect us to know anything and would train us for six months. Since I was very worried about working as a nurse, this sounded like a dream come true for me. I accepted a job in that OR and loved it from the minute I walked in. I now have about 10 years total of OR experience. I would highly recommend that you look into working in a surgical dept. in your area. It is a totally different environment. You will also earn more money because most places pay a speciality rate and also you will probably make a great deal in overtime for call back. You should also be paid for taking call. I hope this information helps you and good luck!