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    Hi, I am also in a similar situation. I graduated in 95 and did not go into Nursing, other than some PRN psych nursing. I worked in a Doctor's office in billing and management, then went into sales. I reactivated my license this past June and have yet to get a position in Nursing!!! I did just accept a temporary position with Mollen Immunization Clinics, administering flu shots. However, I need a FT job. Of course they want to pay me as if I'm 22 just out of Nursing school. This really gets my goat. It's the same in pharmaceutical sales. They want to pay you based on just that professions' experience. They don't take into account all of the other experience you have that definitely applies, especially in Nursing! Now I have to go back to the beginning again which kind of stinks. I don't know if they are just trying to low ball me due to the times or if it's really the way it is??