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    I have really appreciated all the support and am happy to recommend AN to everyone! And I hope to lend my support to all those fresh new faces and pay it forward! Have a great day.

  • 5 has been an invaluable resource to me over the past years. When I was in LPN school, I discovered the site and was able to commiserate with those going through the same experiences as me.

    When I got my first LPN job, the other nurses here helped me to know what to expect and how to cope with the first year on the job.

    When I was completing the LPN to RN Excelsior program, the threads on preparing for the exams and CPNE were wonderful resources that helped me find excellent study materials and a fantastic CPNE workshop. These resources helped me prepare properly and made me very successful in school.

    When I graduated and passed the NCLEX-RN, the wonderful nurses here cheered me on...and others asked for advice, which I happily gave.

    I really appreciate how the people here genuinely take the time to answer questions and give advice. I have felt supported, and look forward to lending my support, and hopefully some sound advice, to others in the future.

    Thank you to everyone at I recommend you every chance I get and consider you an invaluable resource in my nursing career.

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    I completely agree with previous comments to check job availability in your specific area. The MAs in the office where I work are wonderful at their jobs, but they feel they don't have a lot of job opportunites outside of doctor's office. I went to a wonderful LPN school and felt I received a comprehensive education. I did online LPN to RN while working as LPN. I think there are benefits to all just depends on what career you want now and also in the future. If you want RN, it is probably best to go the LPN path, even if you can't start RN school right away. In my opinion there is value to all positions. Best of luck with everything!!

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    Congrats and best of luck!!

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    GitanoRN...thank you so very, very much for sharing this with me. That was so kind of you. I am so very sorry you had to go through that terrible situation. I am pretty sure it would be the same at the practice where I work. Best wishes to you too!!

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    Thank you all!! I sincerely appreciate your insight! Now off to work Have a great day, everyone.

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    This is exactly what I feel will happen if I say something.

    Quote from CrunchRN
    You are setting yourself up for disaster. I would wait for a while and get more established. It is endemic in MD offices and the docs do not care. They like just calling everyone my nurse. And when the MA's find out (and they will) you will need to watch your back.

    Once you have been there a while and established good relationships would be the time to take this on. Not when you are brand new.

    They should not be called nurses, but if you address this too soon I bet you will regret it.

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    Thanks again to all of you. After reading all of your wonderful comments, I can see why I have felt confused as to what to do. I think the reason I have not said anything to anyone at work so far, even other RNs, if that I don't feel comfortable doing so. And I think you all hit a nerve when you said I am new and would be setting myself up for a bad time. It is illegal, but that does not seem to matter. Funny someone mentioned something about the name badges because ours do not have our title on them, only our first names. They have been doing this for over 20 plus years at this office. Thanks again for taking the time to comment! I respect all of your comments. I think I need to keep my mouth shut for now, but will refer to nurses as nurses and MAs as MAs with the patients as appropriate. Thanks!

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    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I do appreciate it. Besides being insulting, it is illegal for a reason to protect the public, as mentioned. I am going to bring this up with the practice manager to make sure she is aware of the situation so it can be put to an end. Thank you all.

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    I have been an LPN for 2 1/2 years and am a new Grad-RN since 9/2011. I got a job working at a Dermatology Office last November. It's the only job I could get, and I am making the best of it. They have me training to work with all the providers...general pathodermatologists, cosmetic dermatologists and the Moh's Cancer surgeon. It was not my first choice, but I am very grateful for the opportunity and grateful to all who are helping train me.

    My question is this...while I have the GREATEST respect for the Medical Assistants who work there and really know their stuff, they refer to themselves as nurses to the patients in person and when making phone calls to patients. I have to say, as someone who worked SO hard for my RN, this really bothers me. I'll reiterate...I respect them, BUT they are not nurses. I wouldn't even think of referring to myself as a PA or MD. One of the MAs said it just makes it easier to refer to all of us as nurses.

    May I have your opinions on this matter? I don't want to rock the boat as a newbie. There are other RNs who work in the office. I haven't asked them if it bothers them. Would it bother you? Thanks!!!

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    I feel like my husband doesn't understand either...There are days when I am so tired I can barely drive myself home from work. Sometimes the shift is so crazy and there are no breaks in the schedule. Patients are scheduled every 10 minutes in the office where I work. It is so stressful keeping up with loading all the patient rooms, assisting, with surgical procedures, processing biopsies for lab, as well as NP histories, patient/pharmacy phone calls, sterilizing instruments, charting/etc...etc...etc.

    I work in doctor's office. I grab some yogurt and kashi and my desk while I am doing charting and documentation, returning phone calls...etc. I don't have control over the schedule, the providers in my office do.

    And when my husband sees how exhausted I am when I get home, he actually cops an attitude with me when he asks "Didn't you take your break today? I know it may be coming from a place of love, but love is not what comes across. I just ran for 10 hours and I don't have the energy to deal with his attitude. He knows intellectually I don't have control over the schedule.

    I am so exhausted...physically and mentally. I am a new grad RN and this is the only job I could get. I don't tell hubby I didn't get a doesn't matter, I am just so exhausted. I am just trying to suck it up and get some experience under my belt. Besides, it's not like I'd be getting more breaks in a hospital or LTC. I know hubby gets upset when he sees me so tired. He does help out with starting dinner or laundry...just wish he'd drop the attitude. I'm doing my best...Thanks for the vent!!

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    Thank you!! And, yes, the site is AWESOME!

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    Thanks to all that wished me well! And here's hoping all my fellow test takers last Friday got the same great results!!!! I am SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Pearsonue trick worked for me. It made me feel a little better when I got the "good" pop-up on Friday. But I was truly relieved when I got the official results. And best of luck to all those preparing for the test! You can do it!!!!

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    Quote from kinsella
    For me, PVT is accurate. So I think you passed! Congrats in advance!
    That's music to my ears!! Thank you! Of course I will feel better once I see "passed" in my status. I am so emotional today. This has been such a long journey to my RN, as it is for a lot of people. I am so excited, grateful and exhausted. Sound familiar? lol.