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    i have no prejudice, but some nurses are gossipers. I have an incident with my coworker, and the whole hospital knows in five minute. Now I request to transfer to another unit so that I can concentrate on learning new skills. I prefer working with nurses that can give me a hand, not the ones that only use her month to criticize

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    Thanks for everyone for your feedback. I am really grateful for all your assistance.

    For last three days I have been working and that ICU registry nurse is not seen anymore.
    My patient is still alive on ICU (thank god for that). I think my hospital supervisor's
    patience is running out and tell registry not to send him anymore.

    Certainly this ICU nurse can decline 2nd pt but has to inform us before the transfer to ICU
    bed. I am fortunate my supervisor step in and stabilize the pt during the time I wait for
    another ICU nurse. Unlike me, she is so calm and manage the situation so well; she is the
    best supervisor I ever had.


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    I am a med/surge nurse that need to transfer my pt to ICU with order for levophed.
    Registry ICU refused to take the pt citing government policy for not to keep 2 icu pts
    with levophed at the same time. I end up stuck with a critical pt over 1 hour when
    they find another ICU nurse.

    Just want to ask if it is true for what registry nurse said. I am really mad if
    he is a lazy ICU nurse that want to pick up easy pt.

    thanks for your feedback

    snoopy 54321

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    as a preceptor in my hospital, i find some new grads really working too slow in the hospital setting. i would test them and raise my voice if they do something stupid. i feel bad inside but if i don't do that they wont learn really fast at the med surge unit. most important thing is you learn something from a preceptor and pick up the pace in the hospital. most nurses gossip behind orientee back but i would tell them in the face. most orientees do better once they know our expectation in the unit.

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    i will start my 1st job as a RN in a convalescent hospital. I am scared to death as I heard so many horrible stories. When I worked as CNA in hospital, it took me 3 months to feel comfortable. (some CNA were not helpful at all as they told you they were always busy). Now I have to start working as a RN; I am scared the same things would happen again. Today I go back to skills labs to feel more comfortable in skills and read more drugs med. What else should I do then to become familiar with paper works. (reading nsg dianosis or care plan books) trust me!! I am very grateful for this job and I am not scared of hard work. But I pray God let me be prepared for this challenge.

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    All my younger classmates are hired after graduation in June. I have a second career and still no interview despite all my resume submission. Is state out of california better to the older workers? I just need my first year of experience.

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    I will leave california as it is saturated with RN. It is sad to leave california beautiful beach, good restaurants, its diverse culture and my friends and family. But if a job is opening, I will go packed up and leave.
    I am a nurse; I am to serve and heal. I will go where ever there is a need.

    I will just miss my friends, though. Ahhhhhh

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    Quote from ERP1006
    I know exactly how you feel. I am a 2008 graduate as well...although from MN. I flew out to CA twice this spring thinking I would have better luck. Joke was on me I guess. Just know that there are people out there who share your sadness and frustration. I think unemployed new grads need their own little private island where we can share stories and complain...and never have to hear the phrase "But I thought there was a huge shortage or nurses or something!" ever again. If you ever want to chat...just message me
    I talk to a recruitor today at a hospital. she told me that hospital would pay $ 5000 bonus for a nurse with at least one year experience, but won't invest the time and money on new grad RN. She said "new grad often left after 6 months for another job that paid just $ 1.00 more per hour." It is a frustration for small hospitals, but I am sure some of us would sign the contract for 2 years to gain the experiences and work as preceptor to train new nurses again. In today's economy, every one only sees short term profit now.

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    Fiona59 and


    I really encourage older workers go back to nursing if that is their dream.
    I am just wondering how many of them found jobs in the hospital or nursing

    I have nurses friends at their 50 could not find jobs at all for 1 year.
    I am curious it is their age or this lousy economy. People often
    told me you should have connection; May be that helps too.


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    Hello!! My name is snoopy54321. Can anyone email me the hireme list too
    by private message too. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot

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    Quote from dyslane
    people, really, read each post!! you are going to cause this thread to be closed permanently because you aren't getting it.
    do not ask for that hire list to be sent until you have 15 posts. no email requests please!!!! many of us use this thread to vent and search for work, don't cause it to be closed down. put in your 15 posts about anything other than getting "it" sent to your email and they you will have pm priviledges; this is not hard.

    i know it is brutal out there and any help is great, but please, either do the work yourself or follow the rules so others that are don't lose this thread; no email requests.
    thanks and good luck to all.
    i promise to follow the rules is hard to trace a 400 messages for a new girl. i have finally got my 15 post to get my pm privildge now. :thnkg:
    wish they make it easier.

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    I can't agree more. I read a lot of post regarding new grad can't
    a job offer after 1 year's search. It is very frustrating indeed.
    I would rather go out there trying anything else first to get my
    feet wet.


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    it is always like that in nursing home. understaffed and high client ratio..
    I used to work in nursing home in Pomona and I have seen the
    worse...One night shift nurse did not go home until 10:00 am. She
    never show up again.

    First a couple of weeks will feel like HELL. but you will get used
    to it and develop your own rhythm. That is how I feel in retrospect.
    You are young and smart--unless the staff is not helpful, then you should
    do ok after a couple of weeks.


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    To SallyRN:

    Where are you located? You have to go in and apply in person
    from my experienec. especially nursing home from my clinical
    facility. i stand better chance that way.