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    So there's still hope! Thank you for the encouragement. I am thinking that maybe the first step should be to secure an ICU preceptorship and gear up to start "thinking like an ICU nurse". It looks like there's no avoiding the BSN, even with a Bachelor's degree in another field??? Thank you again for responding

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    What an awful and frustrating experience! Whether you are a CNA, RN or other care provider, you are always first and foremost an advocate for the patient---no matter how difficult that patient may be. The situation you described should absolutely be reported immediately to your DON. Keep your head cool, and state the facts. Also, please know that there are many more RN's out there made of gold than there are bad apples. Nursing is a work of heart, no matter what your level of education. I have been through the "trenches" myself and paid my dues as a CNA on the road to earning my RN license. It was no cake-walk. Keep the faith and continue to pursue nursing if it is truly what you love .

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    Hi All,
    I am an RN with 4 years of experience in Labor and Delivery and one year of experience in psych nursing (in the areas of addiction and eating disorders). About eight years separates the L&D and psych, during which time I was a full-time mom. I am currently working in a private treatment center, but really feeling the need to pursue ICU as a means of working toward certification as Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I loved ICU when I was in nursing school and now wish that I had gone that route in my career 12 years ago . Is it too late? Am I all washed up? Any advice would be wonderful FYI--I hold a BA in Anthropology and the ADN in nursing. Would I be able to pursue an RN to MSN track?