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    'Ice to balls continuous' for a trauma patient. The attending gave his residents hell for it one morning during rounds, 'Who wrote that order? That is so unprofessional, I never want to see an order like that again!' when it was the attending that wrote it.

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    University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY for my BSN graduated in 2008.

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    The hospital that I worked at previously used a point system for acuity and used the scores to make assignments. The idea was that everyone would have an equal assignment. I thought it was a really good system and wish my current hospital used something similar. I would just make sure that the staff know how to accurately score patients.

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    I would recommend asking your preceptor to be more hands-off. If he/she is doing a lot of your work you're not going to learn how to prioritize and time-manage your self. With making sure I get everything done that needs to get done I make to-do list for each patient. This will might help you to not forget to do somethings.