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    I'm new here, and I will be attending the Drexel ACE BSN program this Fall, which is actually only a couple of weeks away. I'm excited and nervous. Was anyone here at the CPR/AED American Red Cross certification course on Aug. 24th in Philly? If so, then I was there, and we might have seen each other....but unfortunately didn't get to properly meet & introduce ourselves.

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to orientation. I'm curious about how the clinical rotations work, especially how they fit into our class schedule(s). I really hope this program is good and will pay off. This will actually be my 2nd degree. I graduated form Drexel in 2006 with a BS in Psychology and had a very difficult time finding a decent job. After months of searching, I ended up working at a previous co-op employer for very little money, and then lost that job due to the poor economy.

    In regards to the books, I've found great deals on and Amazon is of course also good. Barnse & Noble has had some decent prices lately and very fast free shipping on new books.