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    First of all. I am a current student in the RN program at Hondros. If you did not take the LPN course at Hondros, or (at least) if you did not take it within the last couple of years, I do not suggest taking this course. It is rigorous, and they base everything as if you just learned it, so get ready for serious advancement into the world of medicine! If you thought nursing, umm, hmm? This program was set up by N.P.'s and M.D.'s. I feel they think we need to learn what they learned. Down and dirty into the very basic cellular structure, forget about actually taking care of patients, they really want you to dig down deep and grab the concepts of physiology. The amount of material is abundant, and almost inconceivable. Hondros Nursing is very unorganized, for instance: When going to lab, the material covered is covered the next week in lecture. It should be covered the week prior in lecture to instill an understanding of the material. The nursing course is 3 hours long and the Professor reads (verbatum) out of the book and from power points. Now, I understand why major University's have pre-requisites prior to the actual course. Oh, so a person can actually learn and retain the info. get it? Some of the Professors are wonderful and they are all very brilliant. Another thing, if you don't know APA, take a course on it first because this is what they base every single piece of homework and essay on. Yup, the homework and essays are not necessarily in the syllabus either. I could go on and on. Good Luck.