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    U.S. News ranked a local hospital in Oklahoma#1 in the region but the public doesn't know that the facility markets the patient satisfaction surveys in a manner to make high scores. It seems to be all that the ranking is even based on anyway. The facility has been cutting RNs and support staff; leaving the hospitals own pitiful staffing matrices unfilled. It is ridiculous how much the public doesn't know.

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    It is possible that the new grad never even had the opportunity to place a patient on a bed pan while in school. Some of the nursing schools in my state have a difficult time placing students into clinical slots, even with the bare minimum hours required. My school was brutal on nursing theory, not nursing skills.

    And honestly, as a student, I thought(on med-surg) the aids/techs/whatever were responsible for that kind of work when possible and RNs were supposed to perform that function if it couldn't be delegated.

    Nursing school pushed for critical thinking; not technical skills. Technical skills were expected to be picked up on along the way.

    Quote from Haern
    These schools admit just about anyone today and it shows when you start precepting new grads, they're lazy and "oh, we have to hand out bedpans....I thought the aids did that." I actually worked with a girl who was going on to become a NP and the patient she had that night in the SICU, needed a soap suds enema. She said, I've never done that before. So I explained it to her and she goes "well, yeah, I know how to set it up, but what do you do after the fluid is in?" So this other nurse and I said, just put him on the bedpan. Then(get ready for this) she says "but how do I do that?" So the other nurse and I repeated ourselves and she says, "I've never done that before" and I said "put a patient on a bedpan?"! and she says "no". I said, "how the hell did you go through 4 years of nursing school without ever putting a patient on a bedpan? I was floored. Then she says, 'well, this isn't what I really want to do anyway. I'm going to school to become a neonatal NP. Oh, so I guess that excuses her from the "dirty" work.

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    If the doctor is not some egomaniac, then yes.

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    I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT! I know some male nurses who use the term murse in a derogatory way just for kicks.

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    I believe a lot of the whining comes from the principle of it. "It' being the various arguments.

    Quote from dp1200
    Technically, yes it is "sexist", but I'm not bothered by it at all. I'm in school and working as an EMT right now... "I lift things up and put them down."

    Whenever I'm on a floor waiting to process a patient discharge and I hear a page for lifting help in another room, I always run off to that room to lend a hand, even though it's not my patient and I don't even work in the hospital. The nurse or CNA who called for help is always surprised, but very appreciative, when I show up.

    I'm just perplexed by other guys whining about having to lift once in a while. No lifting situation in a hospital or nursing home is as demanding as patient lifting in the field when you work an ambulance, and I'm not some young buck either (in my 40's).

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    Where do male nurses get paid more than females? Gender doesn't even come into play if we are talking about floor nursing. I do; however, know some male nurses who get paid a lot to do non-clinical nursing work.

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    Popularity wins. Its just reality. A suit may unexpectedly act as a deterrent. If you look better without the jacket that you have, go with a shirt and tie. If you look like the "dork who wore the suit to the interview", it may not score extra points.

    That being said, I don't care if you wear a suit or a polo shirt as long as you are clean and pressed. Most units feel the same way about it.

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    I don't even know what the big deal is. Males are the ones who have the burden of being placed in an embarrassing situation; not the females. Female gossip is brutal regarding male counterparts. When it comes to female parts, there isn't anything to really talk about anyway.

    Young female patients do not seem to have an issue with a young male nurse, even for pericare. Their parents are the ones who refuse it. When it comes to pericare, I'd be happy not to do it anyway.

    I've been refused by more female nurses than patients during my OB rotation. Most of the nurses ignored the male students but we didn't really care unless it involved a c-sect/OR. I have had a few young parents during my rotation who didn't seem to care whether I was present or not.

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    I fail to see why it is even an issue if another student is using the computer or cell phone. If you aren't participating in what you believe is a distraction, then why would it even be such a bother to you. The use of computers is what kept my class engaged during some of the dreadful lectures. The most avid users of Facebook were the top students in my class. The worst students could barely even operate a computer.

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    Quote from J*Mart
    My husband and I applied to all of the same ADN programs. We have the exact same science gpa but I have a higher overall gpa. I have 3 degrees (AA, BS, MS) and have more volunteer experience while he has an EMT license. He was accepted to one ADN school after a 9 month wait while I was declined. Other than that one school he was accepted to we were both declined from all other schools.

    He is in his third semester of ADN while I am still applying everywhere. A little birdie told him at his school they can fast track certain students on their waitlist into acceptance. He was fast tracked while I was not. Makes you wonder....

    You may have not been accepted for various reasons because of you already have 3 degrees. An EMT license may be more relevant to the career path he may choose and this may have been a deciding factor.

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    Being a male applicant has no bearing at my school. It makes no difference what gender or race an applicant is despite the contrary belief.

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    I wear nothing underneath.

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    Quote from Assailants
    I would feel like a douche if I didn't hold the door and there was someone behind me
    Yeah me too but I also feel like a douche when a women gives me a weird look for it. I can't help it. Either I'm one helluva creepy fella or she is an Amazonian warrior.

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    I presume some of us are just too tired to delve further into the issues. I've met good and bad nurses from MWC. Stay away from there!!!

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