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    hi guys ive been reading this site for a m0nth n0w..we will have a case presentation and my case is ab0ut ptb.accordng to the pt. history her father had bone tb(dont know if thats the right term) and died. her sister also suffered from ptb and died question is are there any connection between the tb of her dad and her tb?is it possible that the tubercul0sis of the bone of her dad manifested to her as ptb?bec there arent any s0urce or cause in which the pt. acquired tb..h0pe you can help me..our presentation is a week from n0w..thanks and g0dbless

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    Im just a nursing student from the your right!we are slowly l0sing the true meaning of being a nurse.we lose that convicti0n and passion to care for the sick and improve the quality of their life,and worse,we bec0me a tool for the degradation of our patients m0rale..thats n0t right..i d0nt want to be like that head nurse someday when i bec0me an RN