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    When it comes to trauma pt where I've work the male nurses don't leave if we have to undress or cath them unless the pt requests. And then if they can request for them to leave means it really doesn't need to be done. I get the male nurses to do my male pt in exchange I cath and do pelvic exams for them. Believe me I've done plenty of these you don't want to be down there.
    My male counterparts do go in rooms and help with cleaning PTs and if the pt says something I just them know that they are a nurse or tech and they are trained they same way I am. This usually easies their concerns.

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    A package is a pt that is boarded and collared
    Zithromax and rocephin is the funk pesticide
    A stoner is a possible kidney stone
    Triage is the torture chamber or box of doom
    Locked and labed is a pt that has a saline lock and urine and a rainbow to the lab

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    I'm an ER nurse with my ASN. Most trauma centers prefer that you have EMT schooling and just different certificates TNCC, CEN and so further. I don't work at a trauma center but I do see traumas and we have trauma rooms. I have my TNCC and soon will have ENCP and CEN. I am hoping to go back for BSN but that's not for the ER it's for me.

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    I have my grandmother's stethoscope, several if her old nursing books, and on graduate day she gave me her nursing pendant that she received as a present when she graduated RN school. I treasure them all and still use her stethoscope.

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    This is my last semester. I have 3 kids ranging from 10 yrs to 2 yrs. I work part time. My husband works and goes to school too. I don't make A's but I'm passing. With time management and determination you can pass. prove them wrong.