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    This job should be a snap for me .... I make really good coffee ...

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    That is why we took our son out of school ... they just wouldn't listen to us . He is OUR child and WE have a good idea what would work for him and what wouldn't . His biggest academic problem is handwriting , we suggested letting him bring our laptop so he could type notes and such they said it would be to much of a distraction , so they suggested that he have a special ed. helper follow him from class to class to work with him and do most of his writing for him . That would be ALOT more distracting than a small laptop to me . ANYWAY the last straw was when they said the only thing left to do was to medicate him and put him in the special ed. class . They refused to even look into the things we suggested . So we took him out of school . The Psycologists (both of the ones in town) work for the school system and basically said they wouldn't see Buddy untill he was back in school where he belonged . :angryfire We have fought a LONG battle with the school and just got fed up . We live in a better district now and are trying again ... he has progressed bunches as he has gotten older ... however the teenage thing is comming up fast . :uhoh21: Thankfully he hasn't displayed any major anger/rage issues . (yet) Most of his major issues revolve around fixations , motor skills , and his inner monolouge not being very "inner" . :chuckle He is such a great guy tho' , most people who know him over look these . Onward and Upward is the only way to go .

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    My son (just turned 13) has aspergers . We opted against any meds , we had trouble getting past the psycologists bias . We live in a very rural area and the psy. was also the school psy. . We took Buddy out of school when he was in the 4th grade he has just started going back this week . I miss him already . He is now in the 7th grade . Homeschooling was not always the easiest thing but for him it was the best option . We have done many types of behavior mod. Basically we let him be him and try to teach/help him learn how to better function in the "normal" world. His IQ is between 149 and 155 depends on who is doing the testing . Your guy is much younger and so I don't know exactly how I can be of help to you , but if I can , PLEASE let me know . It is so amazing to watch him sometimes , he is so smart.... however he has problems dealing with social situations . He has a great sense of humor which has made this whole thing MUCH easier . You will need to educate your extended family in order to avoid all of the well intended "parenting advice" My "weird" kid behaves ALOT better than their "normal" ones ever have . :chuckle But they still label him as "weird" . :angryfire ANYWAY ... If I can help , just ask .

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    Wanting to know what y'all do as RN's in your LTC facilities . I have worked in LTC but not as an RN . I love " my residents " and would really like to get back into LTC , I have not worked in it since I was a CNA . I would like to get a feel for what an RN job would entail . I know every facility is different and every job is different , I just want a overview of what y'all do .